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It is not clear if a person was vegan for years or it’s a new life change, knowing that they have the support of loved ones is incredibly valuable. After all, it’s not all that easy or simple to make this kind of commitment. It goes well beyond eating vegan. productsThey buy, and they support. You can give your pal a helping hand. holiday giftHonoring their decisions is an intelligent way to demonstrate your respect and value.

It is not easy to become vegan. Even simple items you use every day can seem difficult. There are options for vegans in almost every category of shopping, including food and beverages. homeGoods and clothing. It’s likely that most of your go-to brands have vegan options, so regardless of aesthetic and interests, vegan gifts abound. It’s not only a sweet gesture to give your loved one who is plant-based a vegan gift, it also helps make their lives a little easier.

We’ve rounded up the ultimate list of vegan-friendly gifts for the upcoming holiday season, including cookbooks, alternative-leather boots, beautyProducts, plus many more. Being an omnivore doesn’t necessarily have to preclude you from enjoying vegan products either, and you just might snag a thing or two for yourself as well.

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Hair supplement made from plants
The plant-based supplement for hair helps keep your hair healthy and strong. This hair supplement is made from pure ingredients such as horsetail extracts and bamboo. It adds volume and shine.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $50.

Mexican vegan recipes celebrated
You can see it here The definitive vegan Mexican. This book contains over 100 vegan recipes.

Get it at Anthropologie for $32.50.

An iridescent candle
This gift is perfect for vegan candle enthusiasts, as it combines a stunning iridescent vase with a fragrant soy blend candle.

Get it from Anthropologie for $24.

One cheeky spot
The iron-on back makes it simple to adhere to your backpack or denim jacket with this funny embroidery patch.

Get it from Fluoroscope on Etsy for $11.41.

A Himalayan salt lamp
This lamp is made from 100% natural salt and has a solid wooden base. The lamp can be used to add natural elements to your home in a practical and beautiful way.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $34.

Sweet-smelling and nourishing oil for the body
The all-natural, luxurious oils are rich in natural ingredients. They deeply moisturize the skin and leave behind a pleasant scent.

Get it from Package Free Shop for $22.

A zero waste starter kit
You will find six additional essential items in this tote bag to start your zero waste journey. The bag includes a mason container with lid, bamboo cutlery, a stainless-steel container, a bamboo toothbrush and stainless-steel straw.
Get it at Package Free Shop for $70.
A gorgeous Afro-Caribbean cookbook
According to Bon Appétit, this is one of the best vegetarian cookbooks of all time. The recipes combine African, Caribbean, and Southern cuisines with vegan touches.

Get it from Amazon for $20.49.

Shampoo bar
This shampoo is soap-free and can be used to help your friend save plastics. Coconut oil and rice protein are used to gently clean, hydrate and nourish hair, making them soft and healthy.

Get it from Target for $8.99.

Snack pack for vegans
A care package is a wonderful way to express your gratitude. This assortment contains a variety of delicious, nutritious vegan goodies. This pack includes sweet, savory and nutritious treats that are deliciously indulgent.

Get it on Amazon for $42.99.

Pair of slippers that are cozy
The slippers, made of vegan and recycled materials, feature a plush, soft lining, durable sole, and a hard, long-lasting rubber sole. They are gender neutral and offer a classic look.

Get it from Everlane for $65.

Hand-dyed French Market Bag
The 100% cotton market bag is lightweight and durable. It can also be adjusted to accommodate any item. This bag is perfect for trips to the beach or on errands. These bags are adorable.

Get it from SunFreckledStudio on Etsy for $13+.

Kit for growing herbs at home
With this homegrown kit, your vegan buddy can plant basil, parsley thyme and Thai basil.

Get it from Amazon for $89.97.

Nice new knife set
This set of amazing knives is a breeze to chop vegetables. Your pal can enjoy the benefits of a brand new, high-quality knife set for many years.

Get it from Misen for $250.

Hand soap made with luxurious ingredients
Le Labo perfumes may have been familiar to you, but you might not be aware of their hand soap. It is a plant-based, non-toxic, and easy-to-use product. It’s a beautiful addition to your bathroom, with a variety of scents. Add matching accessories hand cream if you’re feeling generous.

Get it from Nordstrom for $42.

This adaptogenic herbal blend is a cult favorite
Moon Juice’s herbal blends will appeal to sweet hippie friends. You can be sure that these natural beauty and wellness products are safe and cruelty-free.

Get it from Nordstrom for $38.

A clean, gender-inclusive fragrance
Boy Smells beautiful fragrances use vegan ingredients. But we love this rich, dark scent. This velvety scent has hints leather, violet and hazelnut. It is warm and not too spiced.

Get it from Nordstrom for $98.

Advent calendar for vegans, dairy- and gluten free
A chocolate Advent calendar is a favorite of many.

Get it from Amazon for $12.59.

Biossance’s deeply hydrating moisturizer is the best. It strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier, keeping it soft and healthy in the winter dry season. Omega fatty acids, hyaluronic and vitamin E also help to reduce fine lines and plump up the skin.

Get it at Sephora for $58.

New York Times bestseller cookbook
You will find delicious vegan recipes and helpful information regarding healthy ingredients in this cookbook. It also contains tips for how to improve your overall cooking skills. The recipes themselves are delicious and simple, and the humor is irreverent.

Get it from Amazon for $28.91.

An iconic pair of combat boots
The vegan version is Dr. Marttens’ unisex classic boot. This boot is timeless and will not go out of fashion. This boot is a beautiful winter boot that vegans will love.

Get it from Dr. Martens for $150.

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