This list contains the most popular items

  • cardiganThis is the one to wear when you want to make your closet feel warm. You can layer it with a plain cami, or your favorite graphic shirt!

  • Tangle Teezer hairbrush that’ll help you fight the good fight against bed head and glide through your post-shower locks.

  • cutting board and strainer combo, because who wouldn’t appreciate a 2-in-1 item that’ll save ’em room in their kitchen?

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Mavala Stop – A Bottle
The taste is bitter, but harmless. The bitter taste will not only help with your cuticle-biting, but it can also give you beautiful nails. You’ll have Cardi B–like claws in no time!

Review:It’s amazing! I am 45 years old and have tried every product over the years — my mom used to put everything imaginable on my fingernails to keep them out of my mouth, my grandma tried to pay me to grow my fingernails out, but still, here I was at 45 with horrible nails. This was a true miracle. The taste is so good that I cannot describe it. Yes, it is difficult to eat finger food with this on — I went to Florida recently and had to have my husband peel my shrimp for me. This is an acceptable price for breaking the habit. —Laurie S.

Amazon has it. $15.50.

Travel soap paper sheet for Kiseer by portable manufacturer
So you will never find yourself panicking in a public bathroom that *just* ran out of soap.

This is exactly what I was looking for! The wash leaves your hands feeling very clean. Highly recommended. After reading other reviews I decided to go with these reviews. They were the most popular and they did not disappoint. You can feel the relief of knowing that you have thoroughly cleaned your hands with each soap sheet. We liked our first order so much that we bought 10 packs for my fiancé’s work crew to help make keeping their hands clean during this pandemic! ( he’s a delivery driver/repair tech). This brand is a great choice if you’ve ever wanted to test something similar. —Clippin4you

Set of 300 sheets available $13.99+This product is available in two colors and a 450-sheet set.

An oil mister
You can use it to cover everything without clogging your hands with grease

This is an excellent item to lightly spray salads or roast vegetables. Avoids using more oil than necessary so that’s a savings right there. To prevent rust, I use the oil to lighten my cast-iron cookware. The best part is that it looks fantastic at the dinner party. There are many uses that make it useful in the kitchen.You can expect it to last for a good while, so the cost is well worth it. —Clancy

Amazon has it. $13.99.

Lovoir flickstick winged eyeliner stamp
You may be obsessed with makeup tutorials, but not able to master liquid eyeliner yet.

This is not my first rodeo in cat-eye. The taping method has been tried, as well as normal liquid liner and plastic winged stamping tools. I also have used stencils. The gem arrived, and I was eager to test it. All the while, I joked about how awful this might turn out. But, to my delight, I did it first with the left eye and it turned out perfect. It was so perfect that I decided to try it again. I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE BEEN ABLE TO DO A CAT-EYE IN UNDER 10 MINUTES, LET ALONE THE TWO MINUTES THIS TOOK TO DO!It was perfect. There weren’t any sloppy lines that I needed to fix or mistakes. It was a straight line. You can do your cat-eye every day, and you will look/feel great. People can see that I have spent hours applying my makeup every morning. —LadyMeow

Amazon has a great deal on a two-piece set. $14.97

Avarelle pimple patches
These patches blend well with all skin types and can be used on any skin color. Avarelle’s pimple patches have tea tree oil and calendula. This is said to help shrink your zits overnight. Each pack contains 40 patches, in various sizes and shapes to suit any type of pimple.

Review: “I’ve tried so many brands of pimple spots, and these are hands-down the best on the market. I’m a performer at Walt Disney World, and a clear complexion is required. Last night, I put these on a few acne problems (a small cyst, a whitehead, and a pimple I shouldn’t have picked and has been a bump for about three weeks now.) Just now, I woke up to write this review. THEY’RE FLAT! Gone! You’re all gone. I could cry I’m so happy. It is convenient because you can easily remove the stickers without having to stretch them or fold them. You can do yourself and your skin a favor by purchasing these stickers. Keep these handy in case you have a stubborn pimple. Apply them only to clean, dry skin. —Caitlyn

Amazon has it. $8.49.

Turbie Twist Hair towels
Turbie Twists are what my sisters have a hard time with when they’re staying at my parents. These microfiber towels can make all the difference in drying hair, and removing frizz. These towels are also great for multitasking while you dry your hair. So my brothers don’t steal mine, I am ordering the four-pack.

Review: PromisingThese are incredible! These are super cute and dry hair quickly. The fact that my hair is not in direct contact with my face means I can finish my routines and get to my hair. —Vicki

Amazon has a 4 pack for you $28.95Available in 2 sets

An steel odor absorber
This soap will remove any fishy, garlicky, or onion lingering on your skin. All you have to do is use it like a regular bar of soap — magical.

If you are thinking of buying one, I recommend it. It works! I was initially skeptical. It’s a common thing to cook with onions and garlic. My hands do not smell of garlic and onions after I have used this product for one wash.. It’s a must-have in your kitchen. —Nos

Amazon has it. $8.20+This product is available in four different styles as well as a 2-pack.

A splurge-worthy Dyson vacuum
It doesn’t matter what which version of the Dyson stick vacuumI promise that you will be happy with your purchase. The product is excellent. I have used many of them and can not say enough positive things. The battery is long-lasting and doesn’t cause any pain to my back. It also cleans my whole apartment. We have ours mounted in a narrow spot alongside our fridge — it’s really easy to keep in plain sight without being an eyesore.

Review:This vacuum is my favorite. The V10 is a great vacuum. Although it is strange to hold this small piece of machine, it does an incredible job. The amount of dog fur that it picked up was amazing! To be truthful, I was quite shocked to realize that I had lived in such a toxic environment for so long and ‘thought’ it was clean. All the attachments are top-notch and very well made. This bad boy is so easy to use, I can take on my whole house. It’s light!The lowest setting is the best and it picks up very well. The medium or high settings are not necessary for me. The highest setting was the one I tested for a while. It felt so hard that it had “ATTACHED” to the ground. —Matthew Mintun

Amazon has the V10 available. $557.90+Three styles available

Garbage guard
This will keep nasty flies away from your home.

An outdoor can is the one that the truck’s mechanical arm lifts off and then tips. It has a lid that opens via gravity. To reduce chances that it will be scraped during emptying, place this inside the lid. no flies/maggots! There is no odor. It just seems that the fly party from my trash container (litter boxes contents, leftovers of meat etc.) has been causing a lot of trouble. ” —Michael E. Bradley

Amazon has it. $7.84.

A zippered sleeve
You can keep your wires and plugs in check so that when it comes time to hang your new TV up on the wall, you won’t be a mess. My desk is constantly cluttered with wires from my keyboard, phone charger and headphone wires. These are the ones I will be purchasing!

Review:Finally, someone has thought up a clever way to organize cables. This cord management system was used for both my entertainment unit and my office. The system is simple to use. Simply put all the pieces together and then zip up the sleeves. It’s as simple as that. —TypeCast2000

Amazon has a 4 pack for you $10.98.

Tangle Teezer hairbrush
Recently, I switched to the Tangle Teezer Brush and am now wondering why. I have wavy/curly hair and (too) often wear it to sleep (or all day, if we’re being honest) in a top knot — which results in a knotty mess. The brush cuts through my hair like a butter knife. It’s a great product and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

CVS has it. $13.99.

A handheld soap dispensing brush
Review:I have used many soap-dispensing scrubbers, including top brand brands. The soap was all everywhere. They were all a complete waste of money. I was skeptical about this brand, but decided to give it another chance based upon the positive reviews. This scrubber has been with me for about two weeks now and works flawlessly. I have not had any soap leaks.This brand does not waste money and I’m very happy with it! Both the small and large hand scrubbers work well together and I’ve never had soap leak from either one. It makes me very happy. —S Taylor

Amazon has it. $7.99.

You might be inspired to update all your appliances by a toaster that is so beautiful!
There are seven toasting options available!

Review:It is possible. A toaster can be…this seductive. Yes. Yes. The cool, retro look of this toaster and its mint-green color fit perfectly in my farmhouse kitchen. I have made toast with it and a toasted sandwich with cream cheese and thin-sliced turkey — it was delicious! The toaster is so quiet that I almost missed it twice! It was cold and my toast had gone cold. But then, I saw that this incredible toaster has a REHEATE button. It will still make that popping sound, so don’t worry if it doesn’t work for you. You can fit fancier breads without having to squish the edges of the slice. It comes with four slots. There is also a setting for bagel and a handy reheat button to ensure that your toast stays crispy and not burnt. —Alice R.

Amazon has it. $59.99+This product is available in three colours

An iFixit 64-piece kit
As a husband, I am admittedly a gadget man and have had one of these products for as long time as I can. The brand is a huge favorite of my husband and he loves the lifetime warranty.

Review:Since I was a teenager, small electronics repairs have been my profession for more than 30 years. This collection is unbeatable for easy to complex repairs. Although it has many bits and pieces, you can use them all. I’m still thinking about getting the smaller one for my downstairs dungeon. This is literally upstairs in my kitchen, since I do a lot more repairs at the table. But I’ve never been disappointed. It is made of top quality material. This material is extremely comfortable and strong. The bits don’t let go of the screws. You will find 64 of them. The cover covers almost all screws on your laptop or phone, as well as some socket ones. Nice touch.” —Riboild

Amazon has it. $34.99.

A very thin, electrical cover
So you can finally enjoy full access to the outlet behind your dresser — plug this bad boy in and *poof* you’ll have not one, not two, but SIX new outlets at your disposal.

Review:“Very, very good. It was impossible for me to put a hole in the wall to hide the wires as I rent. However, I did search for something to improve the appearance of my wires and found this socket. It is amazing! I just installed it last night, I’m extremely happy with the look and the adhesive works really well. It is highly recommended. —Nlizr

Amazon has it. $24.95+Available in 5 styles

The leggings have a soft, comfortable band so they won’t get in your midsection
Review: Promising: “These leggings are by far the best and most comfortable I’ve ever bought.True to size. The band is one of my favorite parts as it doesn’t dig into you — great for those of us not wanting to experience abdominal pain after an hour of wearing them LOL. The material is so soft and smooth against my skin — feels like butter. They are not transparent, I have done several squat test. The black ones, however, aren’t. If you’re still unsure, buy! You won’t be disappointed 👌🏻” —Brittany

Amazon has them available $26+ (available in sizes 2XS–2XL and 45 colors and patterns).

The silky scrunchy, for those days when your hair is all you are thinking about.
Review: PromisingThese are great to wear around the house or for sleeping in. These are much more comfortable than my hairties, and I have tried many. They are the only ones who never pull on my hair and make me feel uneasy.They are so special to me that I have given them as gifts.” —Owen Caldwell

Amazon has it. $9.99This product is available in 20 colors

Moontidecreationsco/ Etsy
Reusable glasses to go with your morning iced tea
Moontidecreationsco, a Massachusetts-based small business, sells keychains and stickers.

Buy it here MoontidecreationscoEtsy $27+Available with or without the straw and lid

Emma Lord/BuzzFeed
This compact spiralizer can grate, juice fruits and cut ribbon.
BuzzFeed editor *and* zoodle-lover Emma LordI am obsessed with this gadget.

“I bought this recently because it was the most affordable option to making zoodles. Also, my apartment was small enough that I couldn’t fit anything larger. It is so easy to change the caps. to do other things, too — I’ve started grating my own cheeses and feel very fancy. I love it most of all. It’s safe and secure to use.It is very simple to set up and compact.You can even find measurements on the cups if you want to portion out your ingredients in a recipe.

Review: “LOVE THIS. “I absolutely love it. The thicker spiralizer and two of the grater items have been used so far. This makes it so easy to keep everything in order.. You don’t need to be super-sharp to cut through anything with this sharp tool.However, I do not love that spiralizers can be difficult to clean. This is my first spiralizer. But, overall I’d recommend it :)” —Amazon Customer

Amazon has it. $19.98.

Calvin Klein bralette, made from over half of cotton
I have a few of these and have been living in them while working from home — they’re super soft and it feels so much nicer than wearing a bra with an underwire all day long.

Review:It is simply amazing! This material is perfect to wear underneath clothing and to bed. This material is very soft and, surprisingly, I bought it on sale! This bra feels soft on the skin. It’s not too tight, or uncomfortably uncomfortable as other sports bras. —fashionista83

Amazon has it. $9.99+ (available in women’s sizes XS–XL, 1X–3X, and in 30 colors and styles).

Psst! This item is in Prime WardrobeYou can also give it a try if you are already a member.

The handheld garlic press
Review:It is easy to use It is easy to clean. It’s superior to a presse and is easier to use. You don’t need to be nervous! Buy it immediately! It won’t disappoint! — T. Star

Amazon has it. $12.94+This product is available in two colours

Joseph Joseph
This sleek, slim utensil can be used as a spatula and turner, a spoon and slicer, and even a knife and dicer.
Review:It’s the only thing that I use in my kitchen. I’m always looking for new tools to replace my 30 existing kitchen tools. This tool has been used to turn grilled cheese and stir rice. It also allows you to strain Brussel sprouts and make sauce. The flat edge was used to slice onions too big once they were in the pot. I feel the uni-tool is comfortable in my hand. It has held up in numerous dishwashings.” —Hiawhatha

Amazon has it. $11.60.

You can use a combination of a cutter and strainer.
Review:“It is one of the most useful things that I bought for my small apartment. The cutting board measures a decent size, and it can be used over many sinks. The bowl in the center allows wet ingredients to drain directly into the sink. It is so convenient! When you have limited counter space, this is so useful! —Atara

Amazon has it. $19.99This product is available in two colours

Bath time can be made more fun with plant-based konjac sponges
Review:My 2-month old daughter cried every time she went to the bath. I was sure that it was because she hated bathtime. Because my daughter has cradle caps, I purchased these sponges. wanted something soft enough to use on her head but strong enough that it’ll get rid of the cradle cap. The sponge ended up being used on the entire body, and she loved bath time for the first time. I think she didn’t like the feel of the rags I was using but likes the sponges instead. This product was certainly worth it!”—Angie

Amazon offers a three-piece set for as low as $9.99 $11.99Three styles available

A two-piece tie-dyed set
Review:These jammies are a must-have! This material can be used in winter and summer. They are perfect for both winter and summer. People still ask where they were purchased. Already ordered tie-dye leopard print and the leopard print. They will be available in all patterns! Highly recommended! —Pamela Machuca

Amazon has it. $34.95+ (available in sizes S–2XL and 12 styles).

Beautiful pet bowls and stands that coordinate perfectly with the color scheme of your home
Modern Pets Living, a Canadian business that sells beautiful pet toys and accessories in the U.S., is called Modern Pets Living.

Buy it here Modern Pets LivingSite or at EtsyFor $34.99+, available in 7 colors with personalization or not

Reebok vintage sneakers
These bad boys are beyond comfortable. I just bought them recently. They fit perfectly and don’t need any break in. These are my favourite pair of sneakers.

Review:They are my most comfortable pair of shoes in years. These shoes came quickly and are absolutely beautiful. These are my favorite! —Reebok Customer

Reebok has them available $80 (available in women’s sizes 5–11 and four styles) or Amazon for $63.70+ (available in women’s sizes 5–11).

16 Dermal Korea collagen sheet masks
Review:They are simply amazing! “These masks are amazing!” I had icepick scars from my acne. I was informed that laser therapy would be necessary because there is not enough collagen in the body to repair deep scars. These masks have been working for me for 2 months. I noticed a significant reduction in the scars. “They are virtually gone! —Shaun

See what BuzzFeeder has to say about them collagen sheet masks!

Amazon has them available $11.99.

Pack of oven liners that protect your bottom from overflow/oozing
Review:“I was not expecting to be thrilled, but I am! Every mat fits my entire oven’s width and is flexible. The mat extends to the edge of my standard oven’s back wall but does not reach the top. The first time the mat was used, the pizza sauce and cheese dripped onto it and onto the uncovered lip. It was easy to slide the sauce and baked-on cheese off the mat. Effortlessly!Once I had cleaned the lips, I added a second layer of mats to protect them. These mats look so good that they almost make me want to put food on them. —Artset Outset

Amazon offers a three-pack of 3 packs. $12.99.

Heather Braga / BuzzFeed
SinkShroom strainer that you will never be able to live without
It was my first purchase and I am so happy with it. This stuff works. Usually when my husband makes sauce from scratch I’m left with chunks of tomatoes throughout my sink and water that WILL NOT drain — that was until I bought the SinkShroom. It was so impressive that my mom bought it. This is a game-changer.

Review: “I’ve been a fan of the SinkShroom and TubShroomThis is my favorite product in the entire line. My kitchen sinks simply do not clog any more, so there’s no more reaching into a bunch of water to unclog anything with my hand.” —Brady Amerson

Amazon has it. $11.99.

Reusable baking cups
Now you can just say “see you!” It’s easy to get frustrated when trying to remove the paper from freshly baked cupcakes or muffins. It’s much more eco-friendly to use colorful cups in place of disposable paper cups.

Review:“I wanted to purchase silicone cups for years because I loved baking (but didn’t like foil or paper cups), so I am glad that I finally did. These cups are excellent. These are colorful and fun, and even though they feel thin, are extremely durable. They can withstand oven temperatures without any problems.I did not have to change the baking time or grease my cups. The muffins were easy to make and left no residue. It can be a little difficult to get rid of the crumb residue from the muffins’ grooves. But it is not too hard. They were easy to clean by turning them upside down and washing with warm water and soap. They are great for baking! —Paula

Amazon has 12 sets of twelve. $6.55.

Arvazallia Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask
Review: Promising“My hair is curly and thin. Hair is curlier and more disorganized because of heat damage. Oil treatments are something I use once per week. My hair is only washed two or three times weekly. But this oil has left my hair feeling amazing.I feel a difference immediately after the product is applied to my hair. Even after drying my hair, it leaves my hair silky and soft. —Maegan W.

Amazon has it. $12.95.

Material Kitchen
A cutting board with a beautiful design made from plastic scraps, recycled sugarcane and other materials
Material Kitchen is an Asian-owned small business that sells lovely kitchen products — they were even featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things 2021! Additionally, 50% of profits from the colors “To Pó-Po with Love”And “Reimagine Justice” go to Heart of Dinner and Drive Change.

Review:The ReBoard is large and sturdy. I love the wide range of colors available, as well as the recycled material. Plus, they’re light in weight. They’ve been a great gift! —Reshma S.

Material Kitchen has it. $35Available in 6 colors

A Magic Bullet blender
Review:“I use it almost every morning. It saved me during the quarantine portion of the pandemic. Smoothies were easy to prepare for breakfast and snacks, instead of eating unhealthy junk food.The blender was quick and easy to use, cleanable, and it came with many travel and cup options. This allowed me to keep my healthy lifestyle when I got back to work. —Marissa Vittorio

Amazon has it. $29.88.

You will need a cardigan for when your wardrobe feels like a hug.
Boohoo has it: click here $28 (available in sizes S–L and seven colors)
Acure Brightening facial scrub
This cleanser is made from French green clay and sea kelp to soothe and clean your skin.

I LOVE this scrub!” This scrub was mentioned in Buzzfeed’s affordable face products. It caught my attention and I bought it immediately! It’s eco-friendly, and gentle enough to use a couple times a week. My skin glows!!!” —MelbaToasty

Amazon has it. $9.82.

Heather Braga/ BuzzFeed
Ugg’s classic tall boot, because your original pair is probably *super* worn down
My Uggs minis were my work shoes all fall so it was only fair to change into boots when it gets cold outside. I can continue to wear my comfiest clothes to “the office” but also feel like I’ve somewhat transitioned into work mode for the day since *technically* I’ve put shoes on. As expected, they are extremely soft. They make me smile! You can size up or down easily.

Review:“Love my Uggs!” My first pair of boots and shoes cost me this amount nine years ago. These boots are classic tall, black and look great despite a lot of wear.Classic Tall II, in chestnut, was my second purchase last week. The pair is the exact same quality as my first, with warmth and comfort. The old black Uggs have many years left so I was happy to invest in another pair. “I have never owned a more comfortable or warmer boot.” —Anita

Amazon has them available $199.95+ (available in sizes 5–12 and four colors).

Psst! This item is in Prime WardrobeYou can also give it a try if you are already a member.

You can grab a Carhartt beanie in no time
Review: “WOW! It was something that I didn’t expect to enjoy so much. It was the first time I’ve ever seen a person who can pull off a beanie.This beanie was my favorite. The hat can be folded to any thickness you like. You can get one in any color I want! If you’re hesitant like I was — DON’T BE! The hat’s so comfortable this time of the year! —kellymfxo

Amazon has it. $31.99Available in 35 styles

Carhartt Trifold wallet
Review: “The best. The leather is not too thick. Even with a bunch of cash in it it doesn’t feel like a mini encyclopedia in your back pocket” —Ramin A.

Amazon has it. $39.99Available in 14 styles


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