Spokane Police say they solved the mystery. cold-case rape and murderThis is a picture of a nine-year-old girl taken in 1959.

John Reigh Hoff died in 1970. This week was dedicated to him. declared responsible for the brutal assault and strangulation of Candy Rogers more than 62 years ago after a DNA sample from his exhumed body matched that from a preserved sample of semen found on the child’s clothes.

Hoff was only 20 years old and serving with the U.S. Army during the horrible murder. After being sentenced to a year for trying to strangle a woman, Hoff was released in 1961. Hoff, who was 31 years old, committed suicide.

“It’s the Mount Everest of our cold cases, the one we could never seem to overcome but at the same time nobody ever forgot,” Spokane Police Sgt. In a Friday video, Zac Storment spoke.

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Rogers went missing on March 6, 1959. 6, 1959, while selling Camp Fire mints in Spokane’s West Central neighborhood. After a huge operation that involved hundreds of people, her body was found in the woods close to her house 16 days later.

A helicopter that was being used to investigate the incident resulted into three Air Force pilots dying.

Detectives for years pored over “thousands of tips and leads” but kept “running into dead ends,” Spokane PoliceStatement.

Earlier this year, the list of suspects was narrowed down to the late Hoff and his two late brothers after DNA from the semen sample underwent “state-of-the-art” testing and was inputted into a genealogy database.

Police contacted Hoff’s daughter, who agreed to submit a DNA sample to assist with the investigation. It was found to be closely related to the sample recovered from Rogers’ clothing.

Hoff’s body, which had been buried in the same cemetery as his victim, was exhumed and tests showed it was “25 quintillion times more likely the sample” came from Hoff “than an unrelated person chosen at random from the general population.”

Source: HuffPost.com.

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