AdeleFans were surprised by an unexpected live performance on social media. buzz aroundHer new albumThis week, the fever pitch was reached.

The 15-time Grammy winner introduced “To Be Loved,” a melancholy piano ballad, on her Twitter and InstagramWednesday afternoon accounts. This low quality footage looked like it was taken in a living space using a smartphone.

Adele has been a superstar worldwide because of her incredible vocals and flawless musicality.

The fans were obviously thrilled.

“Adele’s ability to create new music that sounds like a song you’ve loved for 20 years without ever feeling recycled or like something you’ve heard from her before is truly astounding,” one person wrote. Addition another, “Just found someone to date and then broke up with them so I could connect with this more deeply.”

“To Be Loved” will be featured on “30,” Adele’s first new album in six years, which is poised to offer listeners a peek into her post-divorce psyche. The first single, “Easy on Me,” was unveiled last month and shot to No. 1. in 25 countries. She previewed a second single, “I Drink Wine,” as part of “Adele: One Night Only,” a CBS special that featured live performances and an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Critics who have been fortunate enough to hear “30” in its entirety prior to the album’s release Friday have called it Adele’s best work to date.

“There are many heirs to her throne, but Adele is still queen of the ugly-cry ballad,” Los Angeles Times critic Mikael Wood wrote. Vulture’s Craig Jenkins agreed, calling it “the music she should’ve been making all along.”

Still, from the sounds of it, “To Be Loved” might not become a permanent part of Adele’s concert set list. Interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe this week, the singer said she “can’t even listen” to the track because of the emotional response it conjured.

“I have to leave the room,” she said. “I get really upset … . It was just me when I wrote it and sang it. [my 9-year-old son]Angelo is in his 30s. I guess I’ll sing it to him then.”


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