Alec Baldwin was rehearsing a “cross draw” that led him to point a revolver at the camera where cinematographer Halyna HutchinsDirectors Joel Souza were standing on the “Rust” movie set last week, according to a police search warrant affidavit released Sunday

Souza told police he then heard a “loud pop” and saw that he and Hutchins were bleeding, the New York Post reported.

Hutchins died from his injuries, while Souza sustained serious injury when he was struck by the gun. The weapon was declared “cold” ― without real bullets ― before Baldwin began practicing with it, Souza said in a police interview, according to the affidavit filed by the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office.

Baldwin was performing the gun maneuver while practicing in a fake church pew. This scene is part of the Low-budget Western Bonanza Creek Ranch. Souza was standing over Hutchins’ shoulder.

When the gun went off, Hutchins “began to stumble backwards and she was assisted to the ground,” Souza said, according to the document.

Reid Russell, camera operator, stated that Souza was injured in his shoulder. Hutchins suffered a hit to the chest and Souza said she could no longer feel her legs. Reuters noted

Russell said that once Hutchins was on the ground, “medics began to treat her injury as she was bleeding while on the floor of the building they were in,” the affidavit said.

According to an affidavit, Baldwin explained where his arm would go after he pulled the gun out of a holster before the shooting began. At the time cameras weren’t rolling. The Associated Press reported

Russell “was not sure why the firearm was discharged and just remembered the loud bang from the firearm,” the document stated.

The charges were not filed. Investigators haven’t determined how live ammunition was loaded into a prop gun and declared “cold.”

At least six members of the “Rust” crew had walked off the set Hours prior to the shooting protested various issues including safety.


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