There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a freshly cleaned floor. It’s even more satisfying not to have to do it. Shark’s self-cleaning and self-emptying robot vacuumsYou can save up to half off on these and other products Amazon’s early Black Friday sale until Saturday, Dec. 4.

Shark, its most recent cleaningTechnology is highly recommended Consumer Reports The robot vacuums can clean your floors on many surfaces with just one touch. Any one of their automatic robot vacuums would make great gifts for individuals with mobility limitations, busy schedules, allergies or those who just don’t like traditional vacuums.

Continue below to look through the lists of Shark’s high-performing mops, vacuums and air purifiers to find your newest household addition and make cleaning less of a chore.

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Shark EZ vacuum robot with self-emptying bases (23% discount)
The self-emptying, bagless robot vacuum captures and removes dirt, crumbs and allergens from all types of floors. Intuitively, the vacuum returns to its charging station. It can store up to 30 days of debris and must be empty. You can connect the robot vacuum with Wi-Fi to schedule cleaning time, map your room and other tasks from your smartphone or use Alexa and Google Assistant.

Get it from Amazon for $299.99 (originally $389.99).

Shark HE601 Air Purifier with HEPA Filters (44% Discount)
This ultra-quiet Shark air purifier can filter and purify up to 1,200 sq. feet of air. It also displays real-time updates on the display panel, which allows you to adjust and make adjustments. The anti-allergen HEPA filter, which captures up to 99.98% dust, pet dander, and other household smells, is a combination of six high-speed microfans that distribute the airflow efficiently.

Get it from Amazon for $249.99 (originally $449.95).

Shark AI Vacmop robotic vacuum cleaner and mop with self cleaning brush roll (37% Discount)
One smart, self-cleaning mop can vacuum and mop. The Vacmop Mode intelligently recognizes carpets or rugs and prevents them from being swept. It uses 100 multidirectional brushes per minute to remove tough-to-clean messes even in difficult-to access areas. Ultraclean mode provides up to 30% greater suction and dirt removal for carpets and hard floors. The SharkClean app can be connected so that you can set up cleaning schedules and plan your rooms.

Get it from Amazon $299.99 (originally $476.99).

Shark Navigator Lift-Away upright vacuum cleaner (35% Discount)
This multi-surface vacuum is equipped with a HEPA filter, which effectively traps dirt and dust on all surfaces. The vacuum’s swivel steering allows you to get into tight spaces and under furniture. It also uses a brush roller that resists hair wrapping. You can also use the upholstery and crevices tools included with your Navigator to clean more precisely and customized ways.

Get it from Amazon for $149.99 (originally $229.99).

Shark AI robotic vacuum with XL HEPA auto-empty base (31%)
Shark’s latest robot vacuum uses strong suction and debris-trapping HEPA filter filters. It also features multi-directional sweeps, multi-directional sweeping, self-cleaning brushes that don’t catch hairs or get tangled. The bagless robotic vacuum is a hands-free solution for all floor types, especially those with pets. A laser navigation AI feature recognizes rooms and finds objects. The robot vacuum cleans rows by row. You can schedule cleanings in specific rooms or the entire house by speaking to the SharkClean app or using voice activation. With the large debris container, you don’t need worry about cleaning the charging base up to 60 times per year.

Get it from Amazon for $499.99 (originally $649.99).

Shark Vertex Pro cordless stick vacuum, Shark Vertex Pro with IQ Display (30%)
The lightweight, cordless handheld vacuum is easy to transport and store. An IQ screen allows the VertexPro to toggle between cleaning modes, and display performance. HEPA filter and anti-allergen seal trap dust and dirt from hardwood floors and carpet. Meanwhile, the power fins grab larger particles by contacting surfaces.

Get it from Amazon for $349.99 (originally $496.47).

Shark Vacmop Vacuum Mop Bundle with Pads and Solution (30% Discount)
Low maintenance and easy to use, the battery-powered Vacmop can vacuum and mop hard floors. It uses strong suction, a disposable pad, and a removable pad to trap hair, messes, and debris so that you don’t have them pushed around like traditional mops. The absorbent pads can be easily removed and replaced without any need to touch. The bundle includes 12 disposable pads as well as a cleaning solution to help remove dirt and grime from floors.

Get it from Amazon for $69.99 (originally $99.).

Shark corded stick vacuum, shark rocket with self-cleaning brushroll (24% discount)
You can easily switch from deep cleaning hard floors and carpets to handheld vacuuming that cleans small crevices or soft surfaces, such as couches. Even higher surfaces such as curtains and ceiling fans can be cleaned thanks to the lightweight design. It is simple to empty the dust cup and the LED lights at the front help to see pet hair or other difficult-to-see particles.

Get it from Amazon for $129.99 (originally $169.99).


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