If “What should we make for dinner?” always turns into a 30-minute discussion ending in raised voices and foot-stomping, Instant PotAppliances are the answer. These machines can make everything, from yogurt and rice to fried chicken. Taylor Swift’s discography. With a single button, you can create soups, snacks, and any other type of food.

If you’re looking to snag an Instant Pot appliance on the low, you’re in luck — AmazonSale up to 40% on Instant Pot basket air fryers, pressure cookers and convection ovens But don’t sleep on it, the sale ends Saturday, Dec. 4 The following are some of the highlights: Instant Pot Pro CrispSale until Dec. 27.)

To make your convention conversion even easier, we’ve rounded up the biggest Instant Pot deals on Amazon below.

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Instant Pot Pro Crisp: A 8-quart electric pressure cooker that is 11-in-1 and includes an air fryer, a 14-programme option, as well as a 13-minute program (32% Discount)


You don’t need to be a literal chef to slow cook, steam and sauté (not to mention roast, bake, dehydrate, slow cook, air fry and make rice). Instant Pot Pro Crisp comes with 14 preset pre-set programs to simplify your life and make it even more delicious.

Instant Omni Plus: An 18-liter 10-in-one convection oven, air fryer and toaster oven.


Instant Omni Plus makes it easy to make roasted chickens, meats, and other tasty dishes. It’s a mix between an air fryer, oven, toaster and dehydrator that will help you nail all the recipes you’ve saved, but never attempted.

Instant Pot Pro: 6-Quart, 10-in-One Pressure Cooker (39% Discount)


If you wait all year for soup season, you’re likely due for the OG, the Instant Pot Pro. It’s a classic user-friendly device that makes making rice a calming, exciting process, not a stress-induced time followed by jackhammering the burnt bits off the bottom of the sauce pan.

Instant Vortex Pro: 10-quart air fryer, oven broiler and toaster, all in one (31%)


The Instant Vortex Pro is the perfect machine for bakers or anyone who has a sweet tooth. This machine is great for baking and proofing. This machine can cook a delicious chicken.

Instant Vortex – A 4-in-1, 5.7-quart four-in-1 air fryer featuring customizable smart cooking options and a touch-screen (30% Discount)


You can transform your home into a dive bar by adding homemade French fries, onions rings, and coconut shrimp. The Instant Vortex comes with a bucket air fryer to help you make all your favorite snacks at a moment’s notice. You can also heat pre-made foods like a pro.

Instant Pot Duo Crisp – An 8-quart and 11-in-one electric pressure cook with lid. (40% Discount)


The Instant Pot Duo Crisp elevates pressure cooking. This lid looks like a tiny dumpling and can be used to make soups and rice, as well crispy chicken or tater tats.

Instant Vortex: 6-Quart, 4-in-1 basket air-fryer that can be customized with cooking programs (30%)


For those who never remember to defrost the chicken (or who get hungry for something in the freezer), this one’s for you. Instant Vortex’s 6-quart basket-frying pan heats frozen foods in a matter of seconds, giving you a crispy crunch and using less oil than traditional cooking.

Instant Omni Pro: A 18-liter, 14 in-one convection oven, air fryer, convection cooker, rotisserie and electric cooker. (33% Discount)


If you’re the hostess with the mostess, you probably need the Instant Omni Pro. This 18-liter oven will make it easy to cook whole turkeys, delicious homemade pizzas, as well as other large and extravagant meals. Just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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