Oregon couple complained about being denied their right to privacy when they were asked to don masks at a bakery. arrested after showing police their videoAccording to officials, the violence at the store was the result of a violent argument.

Police say Ricki Collin (34-year-old Portlander) and Amy Hall (45-year-old Portlander) were arrested in downtown Eugene Wednesday.

A man and woman enter Crumb Together bakery. The video was filmed above and below by the man and contains NSFW language. In the store, a person ― identified in some news reports as the store’s owner ― asks the couple to leave because they’re not wearing masks. The couple refuse to leave and the confrontation escalates verbally. On the other hand, the woman is seen pushing her owner and then getting a baseball bat.

Over half an minute later, the owners and woman get into a fight. In the video, the owner can be heard screaming and yelling “Get the fuck out!”

The couple flagged down nearby policeThey showed them the video according to ABC affiliate KEZI Channel 9 The two were taken into custody immediately.

According to authorities, Collin was also charged with felony assault and robbery after allegedly walking out from the bakery carrying the bat. In the video, the man and woman seem stunned they’re being arrested.

According to some reports, the owner of the bakery was admitted to a hospital in order for him and his family members treated for bruises and cuts.

Collin is a history of arrests, and has posted several videosKEZI reports that he challenged people to wear masks.

Source: HuffPost.com.

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