President Joe Biden said that while the U.S. has made “important progress” in battling COVID-19, the country still has to “do more” to reduce the virus’s spread and “put this pandemic behind us.”

In the following: press conferenceBiden, speaking from the White House about declining COVID-19 case numbers and increasing vaccinations throughout the country, said that cases were falling in 39 states, and overall daily reported cases had fallen 47% during the last six weeks.

According to President Obama, there are still 66 million eligible people that have not been vaccinated. This is compared to nearly 100 million who were vaccinated in July.

“That’s important progress but now is not the time to let up,” Biden said, adding that the country needs to “do more” to vaccinate all of those who are eligible. “We’re in a very critical period as we work to turn the corner.”

“Everyone who hasn’t gotten vaccinated: Please get vaccinated,” Biden added. “That’s how we put this pandemic behind us.”

Although coronavirus infections have decreased in this country since September of last year, an average daily number of new cases is over 88,000. over 1,800 people dying dailySource: COVID-19. More than 719,000 people died in America since the beginning of the pandemic.

Only 57% of people in the country have received a complete vaccine against the disease.

Biden applauded vaccine requirements the administration previously put in place for federal workers and contractors and others, saying “they work.” He noted that the Labor Department will soon issue a previously announced rule that companies with over 100 employees mandate regular testing for unvaccinated workers.

Biden said that once health officials approve the COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11, which is expected in the coming weeks, the U.S. is “ready” with enough vaccines in its supply.


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