If this isn’t a bones day, we don’t know what is.

Noodle the pug TikTok-famous dog who predicts the internet’s, nay, the world’s, general vibe by declaring the day either a “bones day” or “no bones day,” has received an official proclamation from the New York State Senate honoring his crucial work.

Noodle’s owner and TikTok co-star, Jonathan Graziano, tweeted Wednesday that his dog “got a proclamation from the state of New York and that was my day.”

New York Senator Samra Brouk handed Noodle the document. She also uploaded video.

The proclamation, titled “Honoring Noodle Graziano,” commended the dog for “exemplary service to the community, State and Nation.” It went on to say that Noodle has “become an Internet sensation though his modern-day horoscope” and “brings joy and hope to New Yorkers during uncertain and challenging times.”

Noodle is a simple concept that’s powerful and easy to grasp for those who don’t know it. Graziano visits the rescue dog, aged 13 years old, in the morning and props him up on his bed. If Noodle reminds upright, it’s a “bones” day. If he flops down for a longer rest, it’s a “no bones” day.

A “bones” day is more of a go-get-’em kind of day.

“Today is a bones day. You have some specific direction,” Graziano told TikTok on Nov. 16. “You need to treat yourself to winter preparation items. I’m talking hand cream, go get yourself a great new hand cream. You should invest in tons of wool socks. You can buy a ton of wool socks. And, get yourself and your dog some nose and paw butter, you both deserve it.”

Graziano also explained what no bone days are. to The New York Times last month.

“Obviously, a bones day is a day to celebrate,” he said. “No bones days? I don’t think they’re bad days. They are good days to just be kind to yourself and others. You know what I mean. That’s certainly how Noodle handles his no bones days.”

Noodle received the honor as part of Senior Pet MonthThis encourages you to adopt elderly animals who are in dire need of a home.

Source: HuffPost.com.

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