Unidentified female climbed over a barricade to enter the area of the Lions. Bronx Zoo on Thursday, yelling “King, I love you, I came back for you,” dancing with roses, and throwing cash, according to a videotape of the sceneSubmitted by a witness.

It was “definitely surreal,” a woman whose husband recorded the stunt told NBC.

The woman — who wore a red dress, a leopard print shawl, and what appeared to be a blond wig — took off unharmed before zoo security reached the enclosure. However, officials are determined to catch her up and accuse her of trespassing.

Officials stressed that she was located on the outside of the protective moat around the enclosure for the lions and wasn’t in immediate danger. According to the zoo, “The incident lasted only a couple of minutes.”

This “situation involves one individual who is determined to harass our lions with no regard for her safety, or the safety of our staff and our guests, and no regard for the well-being of the lions,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

It went on: “We have an NYPD substation in the park and are working closely with them to resolve this situation with this individual. The Bronx Zoo has a zero-tolerance policy in matters such as this and will aggressively seek prosecution against this individual and anyone who violates park safety rules.”

Myah, a Zoo visitor, also reached the exhibit at the same location two years back, appearing to taunt and tell the animals that she loved them. She was just staring at the lions.

Autry was charged with criminal trespass, and described the encounter to reporters gathered outside a New Jersey courthouse, where she was appearing for a shoplifting charge, “spiritual.”

One visitor told NBC this week: “They definitely need better security.”

For footage of Thursday’s incident, check out the video up top.

Source: HuffPost.com.

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