Capitol rioter Jenna RyanI liken her forthcoming imprisonment to a wellness retreat.

The notorious real estate broker and social media “influencer” — who will begin her 60-day prison sentence in three weeks for her role in the Jan. 6 attack — posted a disturbingly sincere TikTok earlier this week in which she detailed how she plans to get to her “ideal weight” while she’s incarcerated.

“The only thing that I can see that’s good about having to go to prison is that I’m going to be able to workout a lot, and do a lot of yoga and detox,” Ryan said while filming herself in a sports bra and leggings.


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Despite Ryan seeming like the type of person who is concerned with what she puts in her mouth, she sure didn’t mind ramming her foot further into it by elaborating:

“And also I can’t eat because the food is awful, and there’s just no food. So they should have protein shakes and protein bars. Because you don’t want to eat like green bologna, that’s what they have to eat.”

After stating that “everyone’s telling me I’ll lose weight in prison” because she won’t have access to alcohol and “stupid stuff” like potato chips, Ryan steps on a scale and displays her weight. Ryan then states that she believes she can lose 30 lbs in just two months.

“If I do that, then it’ll be worth going to prison for 60 days,” she says. “If I can lose 30 pounds, it would be so worth it. So, you have to look at the bright side of everything you do, and that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Needless to say, people were unsettled by Ryan’s style of alleviating her anxiety.

Ryan uploaded a second TikTok video two days after her original one was deleted. Her new post attempted to clarify her attitude and offered a tinge of humility — though she did emphasize that she has a misdemeanor conviction rather than a felony, and “it’s not like I won’t be able to work when I get out.”

“I am going to go through hell, it’s going to be awful going to prison,” Ryan said.

She then defended her previous video by insisting she is just “a positive person” and it was an example of her trying “to look at the bright side of everything.”

“The only benefit of going to prison is that I’ll be able to read books — that’s all there is to do: read books and work out,” she said.

Both Ryan’s TikToks are very on-brand for her: She traveled to Washington, D.C., on a private plane to protest former President Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 presidential election and, later, storm the Capitol building. She called it “one of the best days of my life.”

Her name was arrested in JanuaryShe boasted about Jan. 6’s social media successes and claiming she wouldn’t go to jail because she has “blonde hair white skin a great job a great future.”


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