Sen. Ted Cruz(R-Texas), was faced by CBSMargaret BrennanHe was charged with trying to undo the election results for 2020 and continuing to lie about the integrity the vote.

According to “Peril,” a new book featuring exclusive reporting from Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, Cruz had detailed conversations with former President Donald TrumpCruz acknowledged that Congress did not have the authority to reverse the election on January 6.

“Didn’t indulging the doubters damage our democracy and our standing in the world?” Brennan asked.

Cruz was a co-leader with Senator Josh Hawley (R.Mo.). led the charge to flip the results ahead of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot — and still voted to overturn them in Trump’s favor following the violence — said, “I haven’t read that particular book and I didn’t happen to have any conversations with President Trump on Jan. 6.”

But he stated that Trump had been a frequent contact in the months and weeks leading up to Jan. 6.

“I absolutely condemned acts of violence,” he said of the insurrection. However, he continued by saying that even if his insurrection was successful, he would not be able to condemn violence. coalition of 11 Senate Republicans who voted against certifying the results had been successful in launching a vote audit, it “would have been much better for our democracy.”

“Because we right now have a substantial chunk of our country that has real doubts about the integrity of the election,” he said, attacking Democrats and the media for refusing to acknowledge those doubts — which largely only exist because he and other Republicans have stoked them.

“OK, senator. “OK, senator. There’s no evidence that fraud would have made the outcome questionable. You know that,” Brennan noted.

Trump and his associates have spread fraud disinformation for more than one year since the 2020 election. Multiple audits, legal challenges and recounts across multiple states did not uncover widespread voter fraud.


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