Kyle Rittenhouse was at the Kenosha protest when he fatally shot two unarmed men.
Adam Rogan/The Journal Times via Associated Press

On Saturday, a Wisconsin newspaper attacked the verdict of the jury to acquit the shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, saying the decision is “sure to embolden militant people who seek to take the law into their own hands.”

Rittenhouse is “no hero, as some of his defenders pretend. He behaved like a vigilante and didn’t deserve to walk free, given his recklessness,” the Wisconsin State Journal declared in an editorial. “Yet the law, unfortunately, skews in favor of shooters who claim self-defense. That needs to change.”

Rittenhouse, aged 17, travelled from Illinois to Kenosha in Wisconsin last year, during the protests. police shootingSome local Black residents Jacob Blake.

Rittenhouse “wasn’t making anyone safer by parading through crowds of angry people with a semiautomatic rifle strapped to his chest and, according to prosecutors, pointing it at people before the conflict escalated,” the newspaper noted.

Rittenhouse fatally shot 2 unarmed men and injures a 3rd man with a firearm after the night ended.

“Much of the case” against him “hinged on whether Rittenhouse had provoked the others. If carrying an AR-15 down a crowded street isn’t provocative, what is?” the newspaper asked.

What “Rittenhouse and other gun-toting, self-appointed ‘protectors’ of Kenosha needed to hear from our court system is that they are not the judge and jury when things go awry,” the editorial added.

The newspaper also raised an interesting puzzle: If “two people openly carry guns and point them at each other, whose self-defense claim takes priority?”

The state should be focused on “discouraging standoffs with guns, rather than encouraging more people to arm themselves out of fear or revenge,” the editorial concluded.

See the complete article Wisconsin State Journal editorial here.


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