Ex-Gov. of New Jersey Chris Christie(R) was reportedly a long-time friend Donald Trump at the weekend with a joke about “definitely” contracting COVID-19From the former president.

“I joke about Donald. But, I’m still really proud to have provided some help to his administration. That’s what I meant. Donald TrumpHe has my unwavering loyalty. This week we found out that he Definitely gave me COVID,” Christie told a closed-door gathering of The Gridiron Club in Washington D.C., per Politico Playbook.

In October 2020, both Trump and Christie were admitted to hospital with the coronavirus.

Trump reportedly called Christie at the time to ask, “Are you going to say you got it from me?”

Mark Meadows, the former chief of staff to Trump White House was claiming in his book last week that Trump had tested positive for contagion just three days prior to the first presidential debate. Joe Biden. Trump continued with his normal schedule, even though a second test came back negative. time with Christie.

Christie also laughed at Trump during his speech on the weekend with a gag about the ex-first lady Melania Trump:

“I’m hopeful for the future of my party. I mean, just look at Virginia … Glenn Youngkin won the governor’s race … by benefitting from the Trump name without ever standing in the same room as him. Who do you think he got that strategy from? Melania Trump, actually.”

And this line about Trump’s aversion to reading:

“I was a little worried that Donald would be upset when he read [my new book]. But then I remembered: It’s a Buchen; no chance.”

In recent weeks, Christie publicly called on Trump to drop his 2020 conspiracy theories in order to save the GOP and our country. But critics have accused the former governor of just being on a “media rehabilitation tour” ahead of a possible 2024 run for president.

Source: HuffPost.com.

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