Carter Faith looked to a failed romance ― and an episode of “Yellowstone” ― as inspiration for her latest single, “Cowboys & Dreamers.” When it was time to shoot the song’s video, however, she knew she wanted a more solitary interpretation.

This Friday’s video shows the 21 year old country musician twirling through a field full of horses while acrobatically clinging to a bar at a saloon. She said that the end result is a poignant tribute to self-love.

“It’s a song about a relationship, but it’s also about the two sides of people,” Faith told HuffPost in an interview. “You can be the steady one, or you can be the one up in the clouds. It is important to be able to accept both the positive and negative sides of yourself. Both sides are necessary. That’s what love is about”

Catch the “Cowboys & Dreamers” video above.

“Cowboys and Dreamers” is the second single off of Faith’s debut EP, “Let There Be Love,” which dropped in August. About a month before the EP’s release, Faith gave her first performance at Nashville’s historic Ryman Auditorium ― a venue favored by Dolly Parton and Sheryl Crow, among other stars ― as part of Whiskey Jam’s 10th anniversary concert.

Carter Faith’s debut EP “Let There Be Love” was released in August.
Alexa Kinigopoulos

Faith was introduced as “the future for the next 10 years of Nashville” by the evening’s organizer, Ward Guenther. The live performance, along with six brand new tracks, was acclaimed by artists such as Mickey GuytonCharles Kelley and People and other glowing features American SongwriterYou can also find other publications at www.

If Faith has her way, she’ll return to the Ryman “a million more times,” and eventually play the Grand Ole Opry. She’d also love to collaborate with 10-time Grammy nominee Eric Church. Before she can do that, however, the North Carolina native has to finish her studies at Tennessee’s Belmont University, where she is slated to graduate with a bachelor’s degree next month.

Faith, a North Carolina native, discovered a passion for music when she was ten years old. As a child, she’d be driven to preschool by her grandfather, who would let her climb into the front seat and select which songs she wanted to hear.

“That was the best part of my whole week, remembering songs all day and then going around humming them,” she recalled. By 16, she began setting some of her poetry to music, and after catching some of Taylor Swift’s early performances on TV, she felt she “had to pick up the guitar.”

"I find creativity in dark places, hard times and intense emotions, but I also love the escapism aspect," said Faith, seen here at a September performance in Baltimore.
Faith says that she finds creativity in difficult times, dark places and intense emotions. However, she also loves the escapism element. Faith is seen in this photo at a Baltimore September performance.
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Faith cites Fleetwood Mac and Kacey Musgraves as her influences. However, she is open to the difficulties of starting a career in music during the COVID-19 epidemic. Still, she has found some positive aspects in the unexpected downtime ― namely, the ability to focus on honing her songwriting prowess.

“I’m grateful I came into my artistry at this time, because I don’t have anything to compare it to,” she said. “I don’t have the memory of going on tour and missing that. While I can find inspiration in difficult times, dark places, and intense emotions I also enjoy the escapism. So I’ve felt glad to have been able to keep it rolling.”


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