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DJ Diplo could face criminal charges for sexual misconduct accusations

by Lester Blair
DJ Diplo Could Face Criminal Charges Over Sexual Misconduct Accusations
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BuzzFeed News reports that Diplo could face criminal charges after an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct filed against him last year.

The Los Angeles city attorney’s office is considering charges of invasion of privacy and intentionally giving someone a sexually transmitted infection, it told the news outlet.

The 42-year-old EDM artist, whose name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, was the subject of a complaint filed with the Los Angeles Police Department in October 2020 in which he’s accused by an unidentified 25-year-old woman of recording sexually explicit videos and distributing at least one without her consent. He’s also accused of knowingly infecting her with chlamydia. 

The woman stated in legal filings that Pentz first reached her through private messages on Twitter, at 17 years of age. She also claimed that they had first had sexual relations when she was 21, and that she was now 21. 

BuzzFeed reports that Pentz also accused her of raping her in his Las Vegas hotel suite after a 2019 show. But no charges have been brought against him.

Pentz denied the allegation. Pentz filed a temporary restraining warrant against her last December. His lawyers brought a suit against her in April accusing them of stalking, theft, and the distribution of private material. His attorneys don’t deny the two had a sexual relationship, but they cast her as an obsessive fan who was stalking him.

In June, the woman sued Pentz civilly for causing her to be incapacitated. In it, she accuses him of being “a middle-aged white man who targets very young Black women and girls for sexual assault.”

It’s not the first time Pentz has been accused of sexually targeting young women and girls. On a podcast last year, rapper Azealia Banks said she had sex with Diplo when she was 17, saying, “I always give him credit for fucking launching my career off, but, yeah, I had to give him some teenage pussy to do it. He’s always been preying on young ethnic girls.” 

In 2017, Diplo made headlines when he sent out and then deleted a tweet in the wake of a report that disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly, whose victims were mostly young Black women and girls, had been keeping multiple women in an abusive sex cult against their will. 

“Low key sent my cv for r kelly sex cult membership,” he tweeted before deleting the post about 20 minutes later. 

BuzzFeed News has the complete report.

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