At the event, there were many empty seats Donald Trump’s FloridaOrganizers had to cancel the Saturday event shut down the upper level of the arenaSunrise, Florida: The Sun-Sentinel reported.

Trump-lovers seated in the nosebleed section FLA Live Arena were told that they were being “upgraded” to the lower levels, according to the newspaper.

There are many tickets remained unsoldPrior to the event.

Trump was seen with ex-fellows Fox NewsPersonality Bill O’ReillyAfter the bounce, it was removed from network by. accusations of sexual harassment.

One supposed audience member complained on Twitter that the duo was an hour late … and there were a “lot of empty seats.”

Particularly embarrassing was Trump’s boast in a statement posted on his aide’s Twitter account before the event: “See you in Sunrise, in a little while … Big Crowds.” He signed it “President” Trump.

Trump predictably had “nothing pleasant to say” about President Joe Biden in his sitdown on stage with O’Reilly. But he called Barak Obama “sharp and smart.”

He also admitted that the world leaders he “got along best with were tyrants. For whatever reason, I got along great with them,” he added.

The fizzled event was similar to Trump’s rally that flopped in Tulsa, Oklahoma, during the presidential campaign last year when a mass of empty seatsThe star of the show was she.

TikTokers boasted they’d made fake reservations for the Tulsa rallyTrump organizers boasted of more than one million attendees.

The Florida event was the first of four rallies in Trump and O’Reilly’s “History Tour.” The next event is Sunday in Orlando, where ticket sales have also reportedly been slow. Next weekend, the pair will wrap up their respective careers in Houston and Dallas.


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