Contrary popular belief Pete DavidsonHe isn’t some mystical, male siren who can lure beautiful celebrities with his charms Magic big dick energy ― at least according to Emily Ratajkowski

The supermodel explained on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” Tuesday that the “Saturday Night Live” star’s appeal is much more down-to-earth, and that he simply has a lot of qualities that many women look for in a partner.

“I think he’s great,” Ratajkowski said, when Meyers showed her a photo of the two modeling together for a Moose Knucklescampaign

Meyers noted to Ratajkowski that Davidson had been “pretty hard on himself” during the shoot and after photos from the campaign were released because he, and many others, didn’t view the 27-year-old comedian as a model.

Ratajkowski believed that this was absurd.

“He’s a professional,” Ratajkowski said of Davidson. “First of all, you should know that about Pete.”

Elle added: “As a model, I was impressed.”

When Meyers pointed out that Davidson must have felt insecure being the guy on the shoot with a “little less of a pedigree,” Ratajkowski told Meyers he was being “mean” and broke down Davidson’s allure.

“Pete — he’s got the height. Obviously women find him very attractive,” she said.

Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande and the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

Ratajkowski then pointed out a serious truth about why some view Davidson as nothing more than a living embodiment of his airhead “SNL” character ChadIt is.

“I feel like only other men feel [that he isn’t attractive]. Guys are like, ‘Wow. What’s that guy got?’”

According to Ratajkowski, it’s much more than just a bunch of tattoos and an open invitation to crash in his mom’s Staten Island basement whenever he wants.

“I mean, he seems super charming,” Ratajkowski said. “He’s vulnerable. He’s lovely. He has a great nail polish. He looks good!”

Another big bonus, she noted, is that Davidson also has a “good relationship with his mom.”

“We love it. It’s hard to find [men with those qualities],” she concluded.

The reasoning behind Davidson’s appeal has been a subject of public debate since he had a very public whirlwind relationshipAriana Grande was a pop superstar in 2018.

Since then he’s been linked to a string of famous and beautiful brunettes, including actor Kate Beckinsale

And the internet has been going absolutely bonkers the past few weeks after news broke that Kim Kardashian West had been spotted all over “Pete Davidson’s NYC” with the comedian in tow.

Perhaps Ratajkowski can be taken as a model and let Davidson eat whatever he pleases. rooftop of an Italian chain restaurantPeace, OK?


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