An anti-vax podcaster was on a ventilator Saturday after contracting COVID-19 following his attendance of the right-wing “ReAwaken America” event in Dallas early this month, reported his podcast network and conspiracy theorist attorney Lin Wood.

Frog News Podcast reported on Telegram right-wing Telegram that Doug Kuzma had shared a photo one week ago in which he was posing with Ivermectin, dewormer Ivermectin, and other chemicals at the ReAwaken America event. Donald Trump’s short-time national security adviser and felon Michael Flynn.

As of Saturday, Kuzma was “sedated and on a ventilator;” he is “not conscious,” noted a Frog News message. “Doug needs heavy, heavy prayers,” the message added.

Kuzma’s damaged lungs were not responding to treatment, Wood wrote in a Telegram message, seeking help.

He urged anyone who knew of a medical provider — or attorney — who could help to contact a Frog News administrator “ASAP.”

“Pray for Doug,” he added.

Screen Shot/Telegram/Lin Wood

Many people who experienced COVID symptoms and fell ill after the Dallas event were all one in the same. claimed without evidenceThey were in some way poisonedWith anthrax— rather than contracting COVID because few were likely vaccinated or wearing masks at the large, crowded event.

An article by an indicates that the Dallas event is part a larger right-wing funding tour featuring speakers like Mike Lindell (CEO of MyPillow) and Alex Jones (conspiracy theorist), as well as Flynn. itinerary for the conference.

This event has led to a host of conspiracy theories that are completely false, such as claims that the Presidential election was fraudulently rigged.

Kuzma or a representative of the ReAwaken America tour couldn’t be reached to comment.


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