Fox Business Liz Claman, the host, resorted to far-right Rep. Paul Gosar (R. Arizona) Sunday in protest of a disturbing anime video that he posted last Wednesday showing him swinging swords at President Joe BidenRep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

“Have we lost all decorum?” Claman asked. “Paul Gosar is a sitting congressman who put up basically the meme version of a snuff film on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.”

It’s “really low rent, a race to the bottom. I think this is a huge issue you really have to avoid because this is getting out of control,” she added.

Claman spoke out about the 2017 controversy over a tweet by comedian, Matt Claman Kathy GriffinThe photo showed a picture of a woman holding up what looked like a real bloodied head. Donald Trump’s. That was ”bad enough,” Claman said.

Griffin apologized after a furious backlash, and said she “went way too far.”

She revealed later that she had been the target of a two-month federal investigation because of the stunt, put on a no-fly list, and faced a possible charge of “conspiracy to assassinate the president of the United States.”

Gosar has been linked to white nationalist and other extremist groups, tweeted the opening credits from the Japanese animated series “Attack on Titan.” But he altered it by replacing the main character with an image of himself, and changing the title to “Attack on Immigrants.”

Gosar’s sister, Jennifer Gosar, who frequently criticizes him, was appalled by the video. He said that his sister Jennifer Gosar was appalled by the video. “unacceptable” behavior is getting worse because “he has not been held accountable in any way, shape or form.”

Gosar attempted defense of the video in odd statementAs a symbolic “battle for the soul of America,” and that he does not “espouse violence or harm” to any member of Congress or Mr. Biden” (instead of President Biden).

Ten House DemocratsLast Wednesday, they said that introduce a resolution to censure Gosar The violent post.

You can see Claman’s video up there.


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