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Even among people who love working out, cardio-heavy activities just aren’t for everyone. Why in the world would anyone do something they actively dislike every day if they don’t have to?

Whether someone’s recovering from an injury, has creaky knees or simply dislikes traditional cardio exercises like running, having the right fitness accessories is key to a great workout and getting that heart rate up. You can help someone you know who’s just starting out on their fitness journey, or is looking for ways to improve their existing home gym. itemsA major factor in determining whether you are eligible for a grant is the ability to pay for your medical expenses. helpfulGive as a gift, because the cost can really add up.

You can get a vacation if you know what type of exercise your friend prefers. giftThis will help them reach their goals, and make them feel their best. Even if you’re not certain of their exercise preferences, you can rest assured we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite fitness gifts for the cardio-averse, with everything from cute sports bras to ab rollers, yoga blankets and much more. You can give your friends and family the gift that is cardio-free.

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One foam roller, one water bottle
A multifunctional gift is always appreciated. The Mobot water bottle is a favorite among fitness enthusiasts. It can be used to target muscle release on-the-go (it fits into a handbag), or you could fill it with warm water to make a heated roller.

Get it from Nordstrom for $49.99.

An assortment of fashionable ankle and wrist weights
Bala’s ankle and wrist weights look fantastic while you are out and about. These lightweight weights are stylish and available in multiple colors. They can also be discreetly worn while you’re going about your day.

Get them from Amazon for $49.

Wrap your neck in a soothing wrap
This weighted neck wrap from Ban.dō puts just the right amount of pressure on your body to bring much-needed relief from tension, tech neck or the never-ending weight of holding one’s own head up. The wrap can also be used in the oven or freezer.

Get it from Ban.dō for $20.

A mini home trampoline
You can baby step in to cardio by using a mini trampoline. This rebounder is so much fun, we dare you to not have some laughs while it bounces around. You can get your heart pump up, get in shape and protect your joints while having fun.

Get it from Amazon for $299.99.

Set of full resistance bands
The Wsakoue resistance bands sets are portable and can be used anywhere. This set comes with five resistance bands and four loops. There are handles for the door anchor, ankle straps, and bags to transport it all.

Get them from Amazon for $19.97.

A calf stretcher
This ProStretch calf stretcher can help you relieve and prevent common injuries such as tendonitis and heel pain, tight hamstrings, calves and calves and other workout conditions. This calf stretcher is portable and durable so you can use it anywhere.

Get it from Amazon for $19.49.

Set of sliders
This floor slider from Synergee is a good option for a full-body workout. Because they are lightweight and compact, these floor sliders make a great travel fitness tool.

Get them from Amazon for $10.95.

Set of ankle weights
Sportneer offers five adjustable ankle weights with five sand pockets so every exercise can be customized. They are sturdy and well constructed, but they’re soft enough to not cause any skin irritation.

Get them from Amazon starting at $18.99.

For aches, pains and inflammation, a mini Theragun
The mini Theragun is the perfect gift for your friend to give you muscle-soothing magic. The mini Theragun is quiet and convenient with 3 speed settings, and long battery life.

Get it from Theragun for $199.

Two pairs of compression bike shorts
Girlfriend Collective’s most popular shorts for biking are made of recycled water bottles. They are great for exercising and also looking adorable. It is soft and comfortable thanks to its UPF 45+ rating, which protects against damaging UV rays.

Get them from Girlfriend Collective for $48.

You can carry your punching bag, gloves and a portable punching bag.
Protocol’s punching bag is perfect for both seasoned and new boxers. The bag includes a punching bag with heavy duty, padding gloves that can be re-closed to keep your hands safe, as well as a stand and a base. It’s also small enough that it can be hidden away in a home.

Get it from Amazon for $59.99.

An easy set of exercises cards
The NewMe Fitness Workout Cards are easy to use and great for both beginners as well as experts. These cards are a fantastic way to spice up your fitness regimen without adding any new gadgets or elements.

Get them from Amazon for $17.98.

Elliptical with a seated position
Cubii’s seated elliptical includes a monitor to track strides, calories burnt, distance and time, as well as a non-slip pad. You can work from home or at your desk while working out.

Get it from QVC for $179.95.

A door frame pull-up bar
Pull-ups! They’re great for your health, whether you love them or not. It can attach to doors with just a few screws. This makes it easy and portable.

Get it from Amazon for $25.99.

Sports bra that is supportive and comfortable
This Lululemon bra can be used for yoga or higher intensity training. It is soft and comfortable thanks to its fabric, which makes it easy to wear. The design can also be worn as a standalone piece.

Get it from Lululemon starting at $58.

An ab roller
Perfect Fitness has designed the ultra-wide Ab Roller with built-in resistance. The ergonomic handles maximize workouts and make for an intense ab- and arm session.

Get it from Amazon for $39.99.

One set of kettlebells
Kettlebells are the best way to get a complete body workout. Sporzon’s set comes in four sizes, so that beginners can move up to heavier weights. They also don’t take up much space making them great for apartments.

Get them from Amazon for $49.99.

A collection of yoga blocks and a strap
This high-quality yoga block from JBM is designed to aid beginners and experts. It’s made of soft EVA foam which works on any surface. The strap can be used to assist with tasty, gooey stretching after a workout.

Get them from Amazon for $21.99.

A tiny fitness ball
You can use the Trideer Pilates Ball for any type of exercise, including pilates. You can use it for general core training as well as for physical therapy.

Get it from Amazon for $10.95.

An exercise headband
Huachi’s sweat-wicking headband is the perfect way to keep your hair in place. They are comfortable for hair, keep them in place and will warm your ears during outdoor winter workouts.

Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

A Mexican-style yoga blanket
The YogaAccessories blanket, a classic, high-quality yoga blanket, is available in several bright and pleasant colors. You can use it as a meditation mat, picnic blanket, or outdoor table cover. It can be machine washed.

Get it from Amazon for $23.99.


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