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Fun Fact: The snow globes are considered a liquid.

Despite the fact that omicron variantMany people have been forced to leave because of the coronavirus. alter their Christmas plansThe holiday season appears to be still in full swing. The Transportation Security Administration has been busy in the last four days. has screened more than 2 million passengers daily at airport security checkpoints ― nearly double the number seen on those days a year ago.

Being a holiday traveler can present logistical problems, especially if there are gifts involved. For some people, it’s hard to find the space in their suitcases for all the presents they bought for loved ones. Other people might worry about how they will be packed to prevent damage and other mishaps.

Some people like to make a plan and wrap gifts in advance before packing. It is okay to take wrapped gifts on the plane. A couple of experts in travel shared their thoughts with us.

How to Take Wrapped Gifts on Flight

“Be sure to follow TSA guidelines when packing,” said Cheryl Nelson,Expert in travel planning and co-founder of Prepare with Cher. “While there aren’t specific gift wrapping restrictions, there is a chance your perfectly wrapped present with the curled bow could be unwrapped by a TSA agent if your luggage is flagged for safety inspection.”

Although there aren’t explicit rules that forbid it, TSA advises against wrapping your gifts before packing them in your suitcase since there’s a chance this could get undone in the security screening process. This applies to carry-on and checked luggage.

“Whether a wrapped gift is in a carry-on bag or checked luggage, if your luggage is flagged at TSA, your gift will be unwrapped,” Nelson said. “This could cause delays for you getting through TSA security and delay your checked luggage from making it on time for your scheduled flight departure.”

Here’s What You Can Do instead

It is understandable that you don’t want to be delayed, or have your lovely wrapping paper unravelled. There are other ways you can prepare without wrapping everything.

“You can keep your gifts in a gift bag or a box, but you’ll want to make sure that they can be easily opened by TSA agents if they need to be inspected,” said Lindsay Schwimer, a consumer travel expert with the trip-booking app Hopper.

Nelson shared some additional suggestions on flying with presents.

“An easy alternative is to pack a gift bag and tissue paper and properly place your gift in the gift bag once you reach your destination,” she said. “If you really want to wrap your gift, pack some wrapping paper and tape, and save the gift-wrapping for your destination.”

You might consider mailing your gift separately to the destination if you don’t feel like wrapping it properly before you fly.

There are other things to keep in mind

Remember that all items you bring on holiday are subject to TSA regulations. So if you got someone a set of nice hand lotions, make sure they’re carry-on size or put them in your checked bag.

“Travelers who are unsure if an item should be packed in a carry-on or checked bag should check the TSA homepage and reference the ‘What can I bring?’ section for the most up-to-date guidance,” Schwimer said.

Nelson noted that craft scissors are only permitted in checked luggage, so don’t try to toss them in your carry-on with other gift-wrapping supplies.

“Chances are that someone at your destination will likely have scissors you can borrow,” she added.

Nelson offered some warnings about one holiday favourite: The snow globe.

“If you plan to pack a festive snow globe in your carry-on luggage, remember that snow globes are considered liquids and anything liquid larger than 3.4 ounces ― roughly the size of a tennis ball ― will be flagged and confiscated by TSA agents,” she said. “If you plan to gift a snow globe, please carefully wrap it in bubble wrap for protection in your checked luggage.”

Remember: Take all your holiday essentials with you if flying during the holidays. proper precautionsCOVID-19 can be prevented by wearing a mask. Wear your mask at the airport and on board, wash and sanitize your hands frequently, keep a safe distance from others when possible, and don’t fly if you’re feeling sick.


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