A House committee subpoenaed five additional associates to former Presidents as part of its investigation into the attack on Capitol. Donald Trumpprotest organizers who are challenging Monday’s results in the 2020 presidential election.

The House issued subpoenas for Dustin Stockton and his fiancé, Jennifer Lawrence, who were reportedly involved in organizing rallies disputing the election before the Jan. 6 riot; Taylor Budowich, who organized attendance at the rallies; Roger Stone, a prominent Trump backer who spoke at such events; and Alex Jones, who was also reportedly deeply involved in the planning of the events.

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.The chairman of the committee said that the testimony from the witnesses would allow lawmakers to gather additional information on the riot. He also stated that they expected their full cooperation.

“We need to know who organized, planned, paid for, and received funds related to those events, as well as what communications organizers had with officials in the White House and Congress,” he said in a statement. “We believe the witnesses we subpoenaed today have relevant information and we expect them to cooperate fully with our effort to get answers for the American people about the violence of January 6th.”

Stone was told by the committee to appear in front of them on December 17th, and Jones one day later on Dec. 18.

To support subpoenas, the committee cited several instances. Thompson claimed that Stone appeared at rallies Jan. 5, and would appear at another Jan. 6 event, events which he made well-publicized. He also mentioned claims that Stone had used Oath Keepers as his personal security personnel. One member of Oath Keepers was indicted in connection with the attack on Capitol.

Thompson said that Jones also spoke at a Jan. 5, rally. He pointed to comments Jones made spreading unfounded allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 race, adding that the conspiracy theorist “made statements implying that you had knowledge about the plans of President Trump with respect” to the rally on Jan. 6.

Numerous Trump associates including Kayleigh McEnany and Stephen Miller have already been subpoenaed. Ex-Trump adviser Steve Bannon was charged for contempt of Congress after refusing to follow a subpoena.

Trump is aggressively fighting for documents to be withheld from his tenure in relation to Jan. 6th riot and federal appeals court issued a short-term injunctionThis month, Congress had blocked the National Archives’ release of files.

Monday was Monday for the select committee. they needed those documents urgently, adding they “could inform which witnesses to depose and what questions to ask them.”

“Delay itself would inflict a serious constitutional injury on the Select Committee by interfering with its legislative duty,” the body’s attorneys wrote to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. “The Select Committee needs the documents now because they will shape the direction of the investigation.”

Source: HuffPost.com.

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