The Jan. 6, rally was organized near the White House, where the then-President Donald TrumpThe Capitol Riot speaker allegedly spoke on burner phones with Trump officials, Eric Trump included, to communicate Rolling Stone reported Tuesday.

Kylie Kremer, a leader of the March for Trump group that helped organized the rally at the Ellipse, reportedly told an aide to buy three burner phones during the planning of the event and said it was of “utmost importance” that they were paid for with cash.

So-called burner phones are cheap, prepaid mobile phones typically purchased for temporary use to protect the user’s anonymity.

Kremer spoke with Trump campaign and White House leaders using one of these phones, according to three people familiar with the situation.

A second phone was given to Kremer’s mother, Amy Kremer, another key rally organizer, a member of the March for Trump team told the magazine. The source said they didn’t know who the third phone was for.

These phones were apparently used to have conversations with Kylie Kremer, Trump Family or the White House. Many important planning meetings took place over them.

At the “Save America” rally at the Ellipse, which preceded the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol, Trump encouraged supporters to march to the CapitolTo protest the pro forma congressional vote count for the Electoral College, which had been cemented Joe Biden’s presidential election win.

House Select Committee has requested the subpoena of both Kremers as well other rally organizers, and high-ranking Trump officials. including Meadows.Former White House strategist Steve Bannon was indictedAfter refusing to obey a subpoena from the House Committee, he was charged with contempt of Congress.

Women for America First ― the pro-Trump group chaired by Amy Kremer and directed by Kylie Kremer, which also helped plan the “Save America” rally at the Ellipse ― did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the report.


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