NASA astronaut Jessica Watkins, the first Black woman in space as part of the crew for the International Space Station mission is poised to set a new record.

NASA is open for business on Tuesday announcedWatkins is a SpaceX Crew-4 crewmember, and will launch April. The mission will last 6 months.

The 21-year span since the launch of the orbiting space station has been 21 years. only seven of the 249 people who have been there were BlackAccording to The New York Times

In the last year Victor Glover became the first Black astronautWatkins, the first Black woman in this position, will live and work in Haiti on a longer-term mission.

Watkins told the New York Times that she hopes her mission to the space station would serve young girls of color as “an example of ways that they can participate and succeed.”

Jeanette Epps became the first Black female astronaut to be stationed at space. But she was not the only one who made history. replaced by anotherNASA does not provide any explanation. Her brother claimed that her sister was racist at NASA. NASA did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.

Watkins is originally from Colorado. She went to Stanford University as her undergraduate degree. Then she received her doctorate at University of California Los Angeles. She started her career at NASA as an intern,The space station mission will mark her first flight to space since being named as an astronaut in 2017.


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