Keiynan LonsdaleIs it kicking off? Halloween weekend with a rapturous ― and seasonally appropriate ― antidote to pandemic fatigue.

On Friday, the Australian-born star of “The Flash” and “Love, Simon” unveiled “Gods of the Disco,” his first new single since his 2020 debut album, “Rainbow Boy.” The song’s video finds the actor and singer in 1970s throwback mode, strutting across a nightclub stage with moves that harken back to Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall” era.

Lonsdale quickly strips down to some sequined bottoms and locks eyes with a couple of hot revelers. However, the midnight bacchanal takes on a darker vibe as clubgoers show their fears and reveal their vampire fangs.

Catch the “Gods of the Disco” video above

“I like to say that it’s me performing in front of my fears,” said Lonsdale, who developed the video’s concept with director Chris Coats. “To me, the song is about freedom. It’s about letting out your inner freak. You must first face your fears and cross the line before you can claim your freedom. So I wanted to physically represent those fears.”

“I feel like we’re in an age of disco rebirth because of what the world’s been through,” said Keiynan Lonsdale, seen above performing in Los Angeles in June.
Matt Winkelmeyer via Getty Images

Released in the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, “Rainbow Boy” is an introspective record in which Lonsdale examines his life as a Black queer man through songs that meld pop, R&B and rap elements.

By comparison, “Gods of the Disco” is more celebratory. Lonsdale, though he considers himself to be a homebody is inspired by an invitation to Los Angeles’ rave over the summer after more than one year of being isolated.

“I’m trying to meet the world where it’s at,” he said. “I feel like we’re in an age of disco rebirth because of what the world’s been through. Racial injustices persist. No one’s been able to dance or connect. Then comes the healing of your mind, body, spirit. That’s what I want to usher in musically.”

Lonsdale (seen here in 2020) recently wrapped filming on "My Fake Boyfriend," a new romantic comedy with Dylan Sprouse.
Lonsdale, seen here in 2020), recently finished filming “My Fake Boyfriend,” which is a romantic comedy starring Dylan Sprouse.
Charley Gallay via Getty Images

Lonsdale hopes to perform “Gods of the Disco” when he returns to the concert stage in Los Angeles later this fall. The song’s release comes as his stateside acting career is once again picking up steam. He recently wrapped filming on “My Fake Boyfriend,” a romantic comedy in which he plays a gay man who uses social media to give the illusion of being in a new relationship in order to get out of a toxic one.

Lonsdale examines the film, which stars Dylan Sprouse, and will be released in June 2022. This is his first role as an adult. “Love, Simon” encouraged him to embrace his true self ― he publicly addressed his sexuality months before its release ― while his character in “My Fake Boyfriend” is a confidently queer person who is “trying not to be awkward as he spreads his wings,” he said.

“I’m honored and blessed to be able to take on the mantle of telling stories, [and] I’m grateful people still think I can play 19 or 20,” he added. “But I don’t know what 19-year-olds are feeling like right now. I know what a 29-year-old is feeling, because I’m feeling that.”


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