Kyle RittenhouseSubmitted Fox NewsTucker Carlson that he supports the Black Lives Matter movement — just days after he was acquitted of shooting three people, killing two,At a Wisconsin protest against police shootings of Black men.

“I’m not a racist person,” Rittenhouse told Carlson in a short clip promoting the full interview airing Monday. “I support the BLM Movement. I support peacefully demonstrating.” He said the case had “nothing to do with race.”

Rittenhouse photographed in JanuaryProud Boys members pose with them at a pub and show their flashes OK “white power” sign.

Rittenhouse took an AR-15-style rifle with him from Illinois on the morning of the shootings to Kenosha (Wisconsin), where protests were erupting against the police shootings of Black residents. Jacob Blake.

Rittenhouse said in court that Rittenhouse went to the city for protection of local businesses. Business owners disagree. testified that no one had invited himTo protect property. His lawyers argued that he fired his guard when he felt threatened or threatened by the men who he shot.

Right-wing figures who have embraced Rittenhouse as a cause célèbre, including Carlson — and Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla), Paul Gosar(R.-Ariz.). Madison Cawthorn(R.S.C.), all want to hire him as an intern — do not support BLM.

Active athlete Colin KaepernickFreitag blasted Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist” who committed “terrorist acts.”


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