Rep. Lauren BoebertOn Tuesday, Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.), who uses a wheelchair, to a “sprint” to win Kyle RittenhouseIntern at the Congress

During an interview NewsmaxBoebert celebrates the acquittal of RittenhouseThe man, armed with an AR-15-style rifle, went to Wisconsin’s police brutality demonstration last year and shot three people. Two of the victims were killed.

Far-right House members including Boebert, Cawthorn, Paul Gosar(R-Ariz.). Matt GaetzThe Republican Party of Florida (R-Fla.), has since crowed about the possibility of bringing the teenager aboard as an intern.

“Now I do have some colleagues on the Hill who have, just like me, offered Kyle Rittenhouse an internship in their office,” she told host Sebastian GorkaAn ex-aide Donald Trump. “And Madison Cawthorn, he said that he would arm wrestle me for this Kyle Rittenhouse internship. But Madison Cawthorn has some pretty big guns, and so I would like to challenge him to a sprint instead.”

“Let’s make this fair,” she added, laughing.

Gorka offered to arm wrestle Cawthorn, who was partially paralyzed in a 2014 car accident, in Boebert’s stead.

“Allow me to arm wrestle him on your behalf. I love a good arm wrestle, and I would be happy ― Madison’s a buddy ― I’d be happy to arm wrestle him on your behalf,” he said.

Her comment stunned some prominent viewers.

“What,” tweeted retiring Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.).

Joe Walsh, a former Republican candidate for president, said a clip of the exchange was “today’s Republican Party in a nutshell.”

Rittenhouse defense lawyer told InsiderLast week, he thought it was “disgusting” that some prominent Republicans were trying to profit from his 18-year-old client’s acquittal.

“They’re raising money on it, and you have all these Republican congressmen saying come work for me,” said Mark Richards, who represented Rittenhouse in the Kenosha, Wisconsin, homicide trial. “They want to trade on his celebrity, and I think it’s disgusting.”


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