LeBron JamesThe identity of the victim has been confirmed “lookalike” fanWho was found near him at the Rockets game on Halloween.

It didn’t take a lot of sleuthing for the NBA star. James, who is long-time friends with the mystery man, acknowledged that there was a resemblance via a hilarious Twitter post.

But first, let’s rewind to when fans began chattering on Twitter about the “doppelganger”James, sitting next to them at Staples Center. A photo taken of them off of a TV left people jokingly hypothesizing about “a glitch in the matrix” and “time travel.”

James later picked up on the vibe of the thread and wrote: “True definition of 2 places at the same damn time!! Please tell Pat C, if he would like to dress up as me for Halloween. LOL.”

Patrick Christopher, fashion designer and entrepreneur is the man at issue. according to an ESPN reporterIt was. He was briefly an NBA player, and he’s the brother of Rockets rookie Josh Christopher and a longtime pal and ex-basketball camp employee of James.

Christopher seemed to get a kick out of the attention, and he joked in an Instagram Story that he ended up “being a twin” and was fielding calls for “Space Jam 3.”

Patrick Christopher uploaded an Instagram Story to discuss the mixup.

Christopher noted that he worked at James’ basketball camp while he played collegiately at Cal

“Let’s give a little backstory for the internet,” he wrote on an Instagram Story featuring a photo of him and James.

Christopher explained he has known LeBron James for years.
Christopher stated that LeBron James has been his friend for over a decade.

Source: HuffPost.com.

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