Donald Trump’s former national security adviser and pardoned felon, Michael FlynnHis latest round of conspiratorial nonsense suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic was orchestrated by unnamed “global elites” who could be preparing to unleash a new virus on humanity.

“Their little plan with COVID didn’t work because too many people, you know, the world of what I call the digital warriors, or the citizen journalists that are out there. They are fighting for the truth, and so the truth has been exposed about all the COVID tyranny that we are facing,” Flynn told prominent conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on “The Alex Jones Show.”

“So I think what we’re going to see is potentially another type of virus that’s imposed on the public.”

“I hope that’s not the case, but I’ve seen some indications of that in some of the statements by some of these global elite type of people,” Flynn added.

Flynn is a former Army lieutenant-general and an a crusader for the QAnon movementTrump later pardoned him. pleading guilty to lying to the FBI. He has been in the media headlines for his extremist rhetoric and acceptance of conspiracy theories since.

In May while speaking at a QAnon Conference, he called for aU.S. military coup

He was inaugurated in September. suggested thatThe COVID-19 vaccines could be inhaled into salad dressings and then imposed upon people.

And last weekend, he said America must have “one religion under God” at a far-right rally in Texas.

Flynn and JonesThey were among those who received a series of subpoenas from the House Select Committee investigating the attack on Jan. 6, 2017, at the U.S. Capitol. Flynn participated in demonstrations against the presidential election results for 2020 and was publicly advised Trump to declare martial lawThis would force the states to change the votes so that Trump is declared the winner and not Joe Biden.


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