Michigan Governor Gretchen WhitmerPresident is being rebuffed by (D). Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates, which affect employers in both the public and private sectors.

Interview with Michigan-based The Daily News on TuesdayWhitmer stated that the mandates will be detrimental to workers and can force government employees to leave their jobs.

“We’re an employer too, the state of Michigan is,” Whitmer told the publication. “I know if that mandate happens, we’re going to lose state employees. That’s why I haven’t proposed a mandate at the state level. Some have. We have not, we’re waiting to see what happens in court.”

This is the first time Whitmer has publicly criticized Biden’s vaccine mandate since it was announced in September.

Whitmer is correct in her statements. told the Detroit Metro TimesIf the mandate is not enforced, her office will. survives challenges in court.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said that her office would enforce this mandate if the law is upheld by the courts.
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However some workers in some states have walked off the job in protest of vaccine requirements, an online effort pushing for workers across the country to protest using the hashtag #TheGreatAmericanWalkout largely flopped, according to an investigation by Rolling Stone magazine.

Similar results can be expected for a fact-check by USA TodayOnline rumors claimed that Amtrak and American Airlines employees walked out of their jobs in protest at vaccine mandates. This was disproven by the facts. American Airlines representative told newspaper that the majority of their team had been vaccinated. Amtrak union head said that there were no planned walkouts.

Michigan has been a popular spot for coronavirus. recently setting the recordThe state has the highest proportion of COVID-19 confirmed cases admitted to hospitals. Her response to new COVID-19 cases in 2021 has drawn criticism from the governor. resisting calling for a shutdown in the state.

Whitmer published an article in May apology after she was caught violating her own state emergency orders by dining indoors with a large group of people who weren’t wearing masks.

Biden’s vaccine mandate requires federal employees and workers at businesses with more than 100 employees to receive at least one dose of the Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Anyone who refuses to be vaccinated is required to submit weekly COVID-19 results.

Senate Republicans, and some Democrats voted Wednesday to rebukeIt was the mandate. This largely symbolic bill is not likely to be approved by the Democratic-controlled House. Biden almost certain would veto it.

Whitmer’s office didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

Source: HuffPost.com.

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