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Mike Lindell: Fox News used Dominion Lawsuit as an excuse to fire Lou Dobbs

by Lester Blair
Mike Lindell: Fox News Used Dominion Lawsuit As Excuse To Fire Lou Dobbs
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Mike Lindell apparently never met a conspiracy theory he wasn’t willing to accept without question. This is the MyPillow CEO’s latest conspiracy theory.

Lindell suggests that Fox ask LindellDominion Voting Systems sues them for $1.6 millionOne reason is to eliminate a Fox Business former host Lou Dobbs.

Lindell presented the questionable theory. Steve Bannon’s “Real America’s Voice” podcast Tuesday.

Fox fired DobbsAfter Smartmatic, another company that makes voting systems, February was A $2.7 billion lawsuit was filed against the network for defamation

Lindell believes that Dobbs was asked by the network to sue the voting company in order for them to get rid of him. He is well-known for hyperbolic praiseDonald Trump, former president

“I still believe Fox said, ‘Hey, come and sue us quick so we can fire Lou Dobbs,’” Lindell suggested without evidence.

Bannon was shocked by the accusations.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re going pure conspiracy theory,” Bannon said.

Lindell didn’t change his mind.

“I think they invited the lawsuit,” Lindell said. “After November 3rd, after they called Arizona early, they didn’t talk about the election. You go back in time and you can’t find them talking about the election. They were too busy talking about Hunter Biden’s laptop after the fact.”

Lindell said, as a result, “Nobody can talk on Fox about 2020 elections anymore. It’s a good excuse for Fox.”

HuffPost tried to reach Fox News for comments, but they did not respond immediately.

However, it should be noted that Lindell has made all sorts of crazy allegations about the elections and few ― if any ― have turned out to be true:

  • Lindell forecasted that the Supreme Court would become the Supreme Court last month. he would review his evidence of election fraud by November ― which, so far, hasn’t happened.
  • In August, he stated that Trump will be reinstated This will happen by the end of the year, despite the fact that there is nothing in the Constitution to allow it.
  • He falsely stated that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden had heard his evidence in July.They would willingly resign so that Trump could return to the White House ― even though there is nothing in the Constitution that allows this to happen.

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