Yes, indeed! Miley Cyrus Pete Davidson’s wacky impulsiveness made some tattoo artist’s day back 2017.

The duo — who will host a New Years Eve special together for NBC — revealed on the “The Tonight Show” on Thursday that they got matching tattoos together four years ago.

“It was a very dark time, I think, in our lives,” Davidson said jokingly.

“Uh, no,” Cyrus interjected. “We were dressed as babies, everything seemed fun and fine.”

When Fallon asked why they were dressed that way, Cyrus explained that the tattoo idea came to them while doing a “Saturday Night Live” sketch with Larry David in which Davidson and Cyrus dressed up as babies who rapped.

The joke of the sketch is that it’s just a really insipid thing “SNL” wants David to do — which he has absolutely no interest in doing, because it’s completely demeaning.

Pete Davidson and Miley Cyrus during “The Baby Step” on “SNL” in November 2017.
NBC via Getty Images

David must have felt this way about the sketch that Davidson had pitched. Cyrus explained it to Fallon.

“At the end, our excuse for it all, you know, Larry David said, ‘What is going on?’ And we said, ‘We babies.’ And for some reason, [Pete and I] looked at each other and were like, ‘That’s a great tattoo.’”

The two were so amped about getting “we babies” tattooed on them that Davidson texted his “tattoo guy” right away, asking him to come to 30 Rock — where “SNL” is famously filmed — to give them the new ink.

“Should’ve known that was sketch,” said Cyrus of the idea of the tattoo artist coming to them instead of going to a parlor. “Before he pressed ‘send,’ the guy was there with needles, permanent ink.”

“He was so excited,” Davidson admitted.

But it doesn’t seem that Davidson and Cyrus still share this tattoo anymore.

Davidson — who announced he was lasering off his tattoos in May due to the tremendous amount of time it takes to cover them up for films — has apparently “burned” his “wonky” looking tattoo off his flesh.

“I didn’t know [he got rid of it]Before I saw this, Smartwater commercial,” Cyrus said, a little tiffed. “Where he’s drinking Smartwater and getting his tattoos lasered off, and I was like, ‘Wait a minute … that’s where ‘we babies’ was!’”

“I unfortunately … still have ‘we babies’,” Cyrus said, showing off the tattoo on the side of her foot, near her ankle.

Cyrus’ version of the tattoo.
Cyrus’ version of the tattoo.
Screenshot “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”/YouTube

Davidson revealed what he “has left” of the tattoo on his wrist.

What remains of Davidson’s tattoo.
What remains of Davidson’s tattoo.
Screenshot “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”/YouTube

When Fallon asked Cyrus if anyone’s ever asked her what the “we babies” tattoo means, Cyrus said, “Well, yeah, I stopped smoking weed the next day … for a couple of years … well, at least with Pete anyway.”

Davidson spoke about marijuana in the same interview. He also shared a fantastic story about a sticky situation that involved pot. This is something you should take a look at. here. It’s pretty dope.


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