New England PatriotsMatthew Judon, a linebacker is on a mission to get rid of macaroni cheese and other dairy products from Thanksgiving tables.

Judon was viral this week when he made some very unsettling comments about popular comfort food.

“It’s disgusting,” Judon said, according to CBS Boston. “Get it off the table. You will find the bathroom less crowded and everyone will enjoy a more productive day. … If you want to have a good Thanksgiving, don’t cook mac and cheese.”

Judon thinks his take on Thanksgiving side dishes is delicious.

“We have to get it off the table,” Judon said, according to The Boston Globe. “It’s just cheese and noodles. It’s not that good.”

He didn’t stop there.

“It’s probably one of the most overrated dishes,” Judon said, adding that a table without mac and cheese will make for “a much better Thanksgiving for everybody in the house.”

Judon’s antipathy towards mac and cheese isn’t new and nothing has been able to make him like it as he’s grown older.

“I have never liked macaroni and cheese,” Judon said, according to the Globe. “You know how they say ‘Your taste buds change every seven years?’ … Every time I try it it’s the same thing. It’s never going to change. It’s never going to get better. All right?”

Sadly for Judon, he will likely have to deal with the object of his ire at his family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

“My whole family loves it. It’s a favorite of my brothers and sister. My mom cooks it in a big pan — they know not to put it on my plate, or that’s fighting words,” he said.

Many Twitter users couldn’t stomach Judon’s hot take.

Judon continued to exploit the controversy Tuesday night posting an Instagram videoHe responded to the haters.

Judon stood out from another user: the one who had praised Judon in October, only to have him released by the team due to his mac-and-cheese opinions.

“Joe, I really just think this is blatantly contradictory,” he said. “On October 11th, you loved me. Today, I say something about some food, now I’m gonna get cut? Sheeeeesh.”

Still, Judon took the umbrage in stride, saying, “I guess this is just what you get when you say something about mac and cheese.”


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