The father of a daughter who was shot and killed at school in 2018 has slammed the authorities. Republican Party for claiming to “stand for the sanctity of life” while not doing enough to protect children from gun violence.

“Despicable fucking liars,” Fred Guttenberg tweeted Wednesday.

Following a tweet by the Republican National Committee in support of legal, safe abortions in America, the exchange began.

“Life is precious,” the GOP Twitter account posted Wednesday. “Republicans will always stand for the sanctity of life.”

This tweet was in reply to oral arguments presented in the U.S. Supreme CourtWednesday was the day that a Mississippi law from 2018 would have been repealed. It prohibits abortions occurring after fifteen weeks. A decision by the majority-conservative court could overturn the constitutional right to access safe and legal abortion across the country, a major victory for Republicans and few else.

Guttenberg’s daughter, Jamie, was killed along with 16 others at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in 2018. Guttenberg is an advocate for the rights of all people. outspoken advocateThe National Rifle Association and gun violence

Fred Guttenberg observes a monitor dedicated to the 17 Marjory stoneman Douglas High School students and educators who were murdered during a CNN meeting in Sunrise on Wednesday February 21st, 2018.
Sun Sentinel via Getty Images

In a tweet responding to the GOP account, Guttenberg said if the Republican party believed in the “sanctity of life,” they would do something to protect children from the rampant onslaught of gun violence. Tuesday four children were killed and multiple others injured At a Michigan high-school, a shooter was killed. The suspect, aged 15, is currently in police custody.

“Tell that to my daughter you despicable fucking liars,” Guttenberg tweeted with a photo of his daughter attached. “This is the last picture I took of Jamie, the day before gun violence. You refuse to protect children who are still alive after they have been born. 4 more dead yesterday. What do you want to say about that?”

The GOP account ― which tweeted Tuesday about supply chain issues but not about the Michigan school shooting ― did not reply to Guttenberg’s tweet.


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