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Woven bagsThe Guapi region is located in Columbia. triple cream bries from FranceAnd meticulously painted wall hangingsGifts featuring images of sacred cows in India are included on this list.

Don’t forget to giftThis is travel (well, sort of) this holiday season by bringing the culture and scenery of far distant lands into the arms of a friend who isn’t traveling right now, due to a little something called a global pandemic.

After nearly two years of hiatus due to COVID-related travel bansMany people around the globe have serious wanderlust. And it’s entirely understandable, because for many, the act of travel is a sacred one. Traveling to unknown places fosters empathy and understanding. This helps preserve cultural diversity around the globe.

“Travel changes you,” said the late Anthony Bourdain. “As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life — and travel — leaves marks on you.”

As our movement “through this life and this world” has been temporarily stunted, look to the next best thing: gifts that bring the world to your loved ones. Provide the illusion of being whisked away to the lavender fields of France or taste the colorful local fare from Tokyo with this list of gifts that don’t require a passport or plane ticket to enjoy.

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Subscribe to a box of tasty snacks from all over the world
Each month, discover a new country with this app subscription boxThis includes authentic sweet and savory snacks. You can choose from bubble tea popcorn, dark chocolate marzipan and spicy mango gums from Spain. Select the box size you prefer and you can cancel any time after you have received your order.

Get it from Universal Yums for $15+.

This is a best-selling book about travel that was written by another world traveler
Anthony Bourdain lived, felt and dined his way across the globe. He recounts his adventures to exotic places such Shanghai, Paris, Paris, Borneo, and long, sprawling houses. This must-have guide is filled with practical advice and travel recommendations. Bourdain’s humorous humor makes it a great choice for travelers.

Get it from Amazon $19.96.

For those rare occasions when you are able to travel, a travel bag made from Morocco is the best option.
Made from durable crafted leather and traditional Moroccan woven Kilim fabric, this overhead bag-sized weekender bag can hold all your travel essentials in one place. The bag has an interior pocket and a removable shoulder strap. It also features a belted closure that makes it easy to transport.

Get it from the CozyBohoDesignStore at Etsy for $131.91+.

Handwoven storage basket by Colombian women
This beautiful collection of structural baskets is made with natural fibers that are native to Colombia’s Guapi region. These baskets reflect the Guapi forest culture and are made from artisan crafts.

Get it from The Citizenry for $245+.

Monthly snack boxes to enjoy fun snacks from Japan
Japan is well-known for its unique and boldly flavored snacks. All packaged in beautiful and carefully designed packaging. You can experience them all yourself by signing up for this monthly subscription. This box includes items such as white peach Fanta candy, diy candy kits, and anime-themed snacks in buttered Toast flavor.

Get it from TokyoTreat for $31.50+.

Huaraches made from authentic Mexican leather
You can mentally walk along the streets of Oaxaca in Mexico City or East LA, where you will find these gorgeous and unique sandalias. These huaraches, made in Mexico of genuine leather with a cushioned sole to provide comfort and style, are stylish and easy slip-on sandals for spring and summer.

Get it from Xankla at Etsy for $44.

Handwoven Kilim rug in Afghanistan
As Afghan carpet makers for centuries have done, this unique rug features beautifully-colored wefts made of genuine kilum wool from Afghanistan. This rug measures approximately three feet and a quarter feet by almost five feet. It’s ideal for use in living, dining, or bedroom areas.

Get it from Wayfair for $294.99.

Handmade in Peru luxury alpaca blankets
The people of Peru weave blankets, serapes, and other textiles using alpaca wool, which is hypoallergenic. These blankets of 75 inches are much warmer than woolen sheepswool and can withstand liquids, moths, and dirt. You can choose from a wide range of colors, or make your own.

Get it from Modalatina at Etsy for $78.

A tea set with authentic Chinese ingredients and a tea sampler
This set of authentic black tea from China makes a great gift. “Distant Mountains” In all of their peaceful glory. Make traditional Chinese tea rituals and add premium Chinese green tea to your clay tea jar.

Get the Chinese tea set from TheOrientalCreations at Etsy for $126.
Get the Chinese green tea sampler from The Tea Spot for $39.95.

The curated selection of world beers
You can enjoy six carefully selected beer from Italy and Germany at five o’clock somewhere. You will also find a selection of delicious savory snacks, such as cheeses and mixed nuts, in this gift set.

Get it from Gourmet Gift Baskets for $99.99.

Hanging from India, a hand-painted Kamal Talai Wall
Wall hanging featuring devotional Pichwai is a symbol of Indian culture. This piece of art, which is hand-painted on fabric with a thin brush and finely detailed, feels like you have a piece from India in your own home.

Get it from Darshanam at Etsy for $183.99.

Beautiful shallow serving bowl by famed Danish ceramicist.
This collection was designed by Niels Refsgaard, a famed Copenhagen ceramist. It is microwave and dishwasher safe and can be used for eating, mixing and matching.

Get it from Food52 for $36.

Tour de France with fine French cuisine
Williams Sonoma worked with European food experts to bring the crate of dreams to fruition. You will find authentic French cuisine from all over the country in this crate.

Get it from Williams Sonoma for $89.95.

A selection of coffees specially chosen to make you feel like everyone else.
You can choose from whole coffee beans, or fresh ground of 16 different coffees around the globe. You will wake up to richly flavored Sumatra, sweetly roasted Latin American beans and fruity African coffees.

Get it from Bean Box for $89.99.

Kit to make traditional Spanish paella at your home
Paella is the official comfort food of Spain. This crispy paella dish with saffron flavor and rich tomato stock contains seafood and bright vegetables.. Williams Sonoma’s paella kits include all the authentic and necessary ingredients, as well as the stainless steel pan for making a crisp bottom.

Get it from Williams Sonoma for $39.95.

South Africa’s hand-painted butter dish
The handmade South African ceramic dishes are handpainted in vibrant colors. Each one even has the potter’s signature. These 4-ounce bowls are great for butter, spice, or scoops of ice-cream. They can also be used to mix and match and bring a splash of color into your kitchen.

Get it from Cerrutihome at Etsy $22.15.


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