A.J. Fischer was arrested after his model photos were stolen by internet sleuths.
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This week, the U.S. Capitol was stormed by Proud Boy and a veteran of military service. online sleuthsPhotos from his modeling career helped to identify him.

A.J. Fischer was also known to be Alan Fischer. Fischer, was arrested in Florida and charged in D.C. with assaulting/resisting/impeding federal officers, civil disorder, entering restricted buildings or grounds, and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, according to court records.

Fischer was seen on Jan. 6, marching alongside the Proud Boys and entered the tunnel to the west of Capitol, where the greatest violence of that time took place. The man was dubbed by online sleuths as “the man”. The 222 FBI’s Capitol Violence webpage, as “RayBanTerrorist.”

Pro-Trump protesters use tear gas against police as they try to enter the U.S. Capitol building through front doors on Jan. 6, 2021. Fischer is at the center of the melee wearing sunglasses.
Pro-Trump protestors use tear gas on police to try and enter the U.S. Capitol through the front doors. Fischer, a sunglasses-wearing member of the crowd is in the middle.
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While Fischer appears to have removed much of his social media presence, it wasn’t quite enough. There were several civilian investigators involved in the investigation, but one breakthrough occurred when they got to work. facial recognition hit on a news story from Tampa Bay that featured images from New Years 2019, including a photo from Fischer’s Instagram page that gave them a lead. They found more photos from Fischer’s Instagram page. tagged on various social media websitesAlso, photos from his modeling career.

Frank W. McDermott (an attorney for Fischer) did not immediately reply to my request for comment.

While Fischer’s arms were covered up when he participated in the Capitol attack, they were not when he traveled to D.C. a few weeks prior, in December 2020, and posed for a photo with a group of Proud Boys. He was identified by his unique tattoos, also seen in some of the shirtless photos that he took while modeling.

Members of the Proud Boys pose for a photo while flashing a gesture associated with the white power movement outside of Harry's bar during a protest on December 12, 2020, in Washington, D.C. Fischer was among them.
Proud Boys members take a picture while flashing the gesture that is associated with the white power movement outside Harry’s bar. This was during the protest in Washington, D.C. Fischer also took part.
Stephanie Keith via Getty Images

Other models involved in the Capitol attack were arrested, Logan BarnhartA bodybuilder, who was featured on the covers of romance novels. Michael Aaron CaricoHe was an actor, model and actress who was captured with his Instagram.

There are two other Proud Boy friends. Zachary Johnson and Dion RajewskiThey were also arrested last week. So were two Oath KeepersStewart Rhodes, Edward Vallejo and several others previously accused Oath Keepers now face indictments for seditious conspiracies.

In the past year, more than 700 people have been arrested in connection with the Jan. 6 attack, but that’s still roughly a quarter of the more than 2,500 peopleThey were charged with criminal activities that day.

Source: HuffPost.com.

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