Queen guitarist Brian May According to him, even after receiving booster shots and vaccines, he developed a rare case of COVID-19.

This rock star has spoken out about his time with the coronavirusVisit his website Instagram page and said that while he is getting better, “the Beast is still in my body” more than a week after testing positive.

The 74-year-old guitarist said he and his wife, Anita Dobson, caught COVID after attending a friend’s birthday lunch ― despite getting three doses of the Pfizer vaccine, according to People. May said that prior to this, he and Dobson had been “hermit-like” for 20 months.

May said he started feeling a little better on Sunday ― seven days after he caught the virus. He added that his immune system is “now winning the battle against the invader” and credited “the enormous help of three Pfizer jabs.”

“So do NOT be afraid – there IS life after Covid! But DO be careful … you do not want this, and neither do your family,” he wrote in a caption.

On Monday, he admitted that he might have been “a little too optimistic” about his health, since his “dry wheezy cough” had returned and he kept falling asleep “not in a peaceful kind of way, but in a ‘I can’t keep my eyes open another second’ kind of way.”

On Tuesday, May ― who holds a Ph.D. in astrophysics ― admitted being fascinated by the science surrounding the virus, and said reading up on it gave him cause for optimism that the omicron variant might be less deadly than other variants.

In the United States, this variant was discovered for the first time in 2008. early DecemberAccording to health officials, it was. accounted for 73%new COVID infections in the last week. Scientists are still studying the variant. preliminary data suggestsIt might cause more severe disease than other variants, but it may be easier to transmit.

“It seems (and this is not my idea) that Omicron is very good at procreating rapidly in our throats and sinuses ― but for some unknown reason, not so successful at invading our lungs. So it spreads itself rapidly from person to person through our coughs and spluttering — but doesn’t threaten our lives by stopping us breathing,” May wrote in his caption.

If this were true, the virus might be just another seasonal cold or flu bug to deal with.

“But it has to be said that this whole pandemic has taught us a thing or two as far as behaving sensibly in the face of such pervasive pathogens,” he said.

Since months May has promoted the health benefits of vaccinations. called out fellow rocker Eric Clapton In August, you can vow not to take part in any activity where vaccinations proof is required.

“Anti-vax people, I’m sorry, I think they’re fruitcakes,” May said. “There’s plenty of evidence to show that vaccination helps.”

Source: HuffPost.com.

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