Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.)In a speech before Transgender Day of Remembrance which takes place on November 20, the House honored 46 people who died this year.

Pressley was joined in the House by Democratic Reps. Marie Newman, David Cicilline and Mark Takano (Calif.), Sara Jacobs and Al Green (Texas). Each gave speeches to recognize the importance of the issue. violence against transgender peopleYou can also order it as part of an exclusive Wednesday deal.

“The cruelty of transphobia is a threat that we must confront and root out wherever it exists,” Pressley said. “Whether in music, or on television, or in the hallowed halls of the nation’s capitol. There is no place for hatred because someone is brave enough to show up exactly as they are, and to live their truth.”

Human Rights Campaign announced The organization has tracked 47 incidents of violence against transgender or gender non-conforming individuals in 2021. This number is likely to be even higher, as many incidents are not reported.

“In previous years, the majority of these people were Black and Latinx transgender women,” the group stated.

HRC on Thursday named Angel NairaAs the 47th person killed in this year’s transgender/gender non-conforming incidents, it was a Black transgender women. Naira, a Pennsylvania transgender woman, was shot to death in her Pennsylvania residence earlier this month. The Advocate reported.

In her Wednesday speech, Pressley acknowledged the existence of Transgender Day of Remembrance in another country. Pressley noted that it was created to remember the death of Rita Hester, a Black transgender woman who was killed in 1998 in her home in the Allston neighborhood of Massachusetts – a neighborhood in Pressley’s district.

The President will be in Washington on Saturday Joe Biden released a statementTo honor Transgender Day of Remembrance and to remember the victims of transgender violence in America and other parts of the globe,

“This year, at least 46 transgender individuals in this country — and hundreds more around the world — were killed in horrifying acts of violence,” the statement said. “Each of these lives was precious. Each of them deserved freedom, justice, and joy.”

The HRC site has the story of 47 people who lost their lives due to violence against gender. here.


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