One Philadelphia sports fan called in to complain about Ben Simmons, estranged star of the Philadelphia 76ers. He was so intent on his complaints that he didn’t even consider getting hit while on air. (Hear the audio.

“James” was patched through when he was asked, “What’s on your mind?” “Uh, nothing, someone just hit my car,” he replied.

It is incredulous Angelo Cataldi and the Morning TeamThe caller on 94WIP needed confirmation that they had been in an auto accident. “Yeah, and they’re driving off,” James said. “It’s OK.”

The hosts encouraged James to get a license plate number while James let them know the other driver “swerved into my lane.”

“Anyway, I’m calling about Ben Simmons,” he said, unperturbed.

“You just got in a car accident and you’re calling about Ben Simmons?”

“Yeah,” James replied, “because he annoys me more than someone hitting my car and driving off.”

Jason Barrett is a consultant in sports media.

Based on Awful AnnouncingAnd so the conversation continued.

“I wanna talk about how annoying Ben Simmons is because it makes me sick that he is lying about mental health,” James said. Simmons is reported to have admitted that he has mental problems. He hasn’t played all season. The team reportedly wants its own “mental health professionals” involved.

While the Simmons controversy is a hot subject among the Philly faithful, Cataldi wasn’t so ready to indulge. “I’m really having a hard time paying attention to the call because you just got hit,” Cataldi said, per Awful Announcing. “I actually heard the contact.”

The hosts asked James to remain on to award him the “winner of the week” prize for handling the hit-and-run and radio call simultaneously, Awful Announcing reported.

The radio station didn’t immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.


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