The search for an experienced swimmer has been halted by the Perth Police after a double attack of sharks off a Western Australia beach.

According to police, witnesses were not able to determine if Paul Millachip (57) was attacked by either two sharks, or if he was twice attacked by the 14-foot great White shark. Some witnesses claimed to have seen two dorsal Fins.

Two-time father, the father. moved from London to PerthThe attack took place Friday morning as he was on a North Fremantle beach. Just minutes earlier, teenagers spotted the great white on the beach and quickly jumped out of their dinghy in an attempt to warn others.

They were close to Millachip when he was attacked — and tried in vain to help him.

They “witnessed the attack and … provided police with information on what they saw and heard,” Acting Inspector Troy Douglas told Australian Broadcasting Corp. News.

He called the teens’ attempt to help Millachip a “fantastic effort” but “probably something you don’t want to see.” They also did a “great job of alerting other people on the beach and other swimmers,” he added.

The authorities were trying to figure out whether a great-white shark circled about to attack Millachip again or if the swimmer had been attacked by it. also attacked by a tiger shark

The search was call off after only Millachip’s swimming goggles were foundThey are greatly appreciated.

“Inquiries will continue based on anything that is washed up or anything that’s found in the future, but at this point the marine search is suspended,” said Douglas, The Yorkshire Post reported.

Millachip’s wife, who asked not to be named, was sitting on the beach when the attack occurred.

She offered a “special mention to those young lads in the boat for what they did in what must have been an absolutely terrifying experience for them. My heart goes out to them, and I thank them for what they did,” she told journalists at the beach. Check out the video below.

They “could potentially have saved other lives,” she added.

“Rest in peace, Paul,” she said. “He died [doing]He loved what he did the most. It was his favorite thing to do. He was a wonderful man, a wonderful fatherThis is.”

The attack “came out of the blue. But it did happen, you just have to deal with it,” she said.


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