Waller County officials in Texas announced Monday that felony charges were filed against a pickup driver aged 16 who was accused of driving drunk. crashing into a group of cyclistsWhile trying to inhale exhaust onto them. Four bicyclists were taken to hospital after the collision.

After a lengthy investigation, the Waller County district Attorney stated that six charges had been filed by his office for aggravated attack with a deadly weapons against the driver. These were one per biker who was struck by the truck. Driver surrendered to police and remains in custody until the juvenile court makes a decision.

One group of triathletes trained for the Triathlon in September 25th. the driver started taunting them, the bikers said, revving his engine to spew exhaust on them in what’s known as “rolling coal.” When the driver sped up to reach another group of bikers, he hit six of the eight people riding along, causing a massive crash and sending four cyclists to the hospital, three with serious injuries.

Chase Ferrell (one of the bicyclists behind the injured group) told the Houston ChronicleThe driver demanded that he be taken to prison and got out of his vehicle.

“You did something really freaking stupid,” Ferrell recalled to the Chronicle, adding: “You should go to jail.”

The driver wasn’t arrested, however, and his parents showed up shortly after the crash. The police arrived on the scene and allowed the teenager to go home with no citations. prompting an uproarThe Washington Post reported that the Houston area cycling community was mentioned.

A legal representative for the driver told the Chronicle that juvenile confidentiality laws prevented comment but said: “My client and his family continue to pray for the quick recovery of the injured bikers.”

Officials expressed appreciation for the victims’ patience as they sorted through the evidence.

“We wish them the speediest of recoveries on their long journey ahead, and remind everyone to share the roads, obey the traffic laws, and to treat each other with the respect that we all deserve,” the district attorney said

Source: HuffPost.com.

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