Texas Attorney General Ken PaxtonFormer President, an avid supporter Donald Trump,He has been directed to provide documents and communications relating to his participation at the rally that took place last year, which occurred before the Jan. 6th. storming of the U.S. Capitol.

The Office of Travis County District Attorney José Garza, in a letter Thursday, gave Paxton four days to turn over the information and notified him that he was violating the state’s public records law. Garza warned him that if he doesn’t comply, he would file suit against Paxton as well as against the Office of the attorney General.

The D.A.’s office took action after the editors of the five largest newspapers in the state complained that Paxton was illegally withholding the information.

Under the Texas Public Information Act, the public has the right to government records, even if they’re kept on personal devices, such as a cellphone or in an official’s online accounts. Paxton should be in charge of ensuring certain officials adhere to the open records law.

Paxton’s office has blocked disclosure of all emails and texts sent on Jan. 6, 2021, and the days preceding and following the insurrection, claiming attorney-client privilege, apparently concerning various investigations against Paxton.

The U.S. House select panel investigating Capitol riot is also seeking Paxton’s communicationsWith the Trump administration about the Jan. 6 events

Paxton was a prominent proponent of Trump’s baseless claim that he won a rigged election. He also joined a lawsuit to stop Trump from being elected. Joe Biden.

Paxton and his wife, Republican state Sen. Angela McKinney, both attended the Jan. 6 rally in which Trump told his supporters to march on the Capitol and to “fight like hell.” Paxton gave a speech at the rally, urging the Trump supporters to never “quit fighting.”

It’s not the first time Paxton has been in trouble in office. He’s also under federal investigationFor allegedly using his office to help a campaign donor. The case’s whistleblowers are now suing Paxton for their dismissal from state positions. Paxton is also fighting a criminal indictment charging securities fraud.

A two-term attorney general can be considered so politically vulnerable that three powerful Republican candidates — state Land Commissioner George P. BushJeb Bush, son of former Texas Supreme Court Justice Eva GuzmanU.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert — are running against him in the primary.

Paxton has yet to respond to the order from the district attorney’s office.

Newspapers in Dallas, Houston and Austin are represented by the complaint.

You can read the entire letter here Paxton can be viewed here.

Source: HuffPost.com.

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