My grandma, a 90-year old grandmother, is an amazing boss. She lives on her own and takes good care of herself. After working as a chef and nutritionist for close to 30 years, she could tell you how to make the perfect Cornish game hen like she’s giving directions to the local Dunkin’ Donuts.

Yet, as a party of one, she’s reluctant to buy bushels of herbs or large amounts of produce she knows she won’t use. Due to her COVID protections, her shopping experience has been a bit bleak. So in the name of flavor and encouraging older folks to feel independent and strong, I’m gearing up to get her a meal delivery kit for the holidays. But with more options than there are Kardashians, it’s daunting to choose the perfect one.

Based on Barbara RuhsA registered dietitian and the founder of The Market RD, it’s imperative that older folks eat consistent, nutrient-dense meals. “As we age, some nutrients are not absorbed as well,” Ruhs told HuffPost. “Pre-made meals can make it easier for seniors to consume adequate nutrition.”

Retired physical therapist and specialist in home-health, Cathy Ellis said that having nutritious food delivered to your home may help you recover from an injury or illness. Older people don’t have to risk falling in public. They can stock their pantry from their home.

Shelby Guercio, a Philly resident, sends meals kits to her grandmother in Massachusetts, 100 years old, and mom, 62. “My mom lives alone and works two jobs and is so busy that I worry about her being able to eat full, fresh meals after a long day of work or in between jobs,” Guercio said. “With meal kits just showing up at my mom’s door, she can either cook it quick and drop it off for my grandma, or easily bring the ingredients over and cook them at my gram’s house.”

Guercio stated that it is much easier to send meal plans than have her grandmother and mom drive all the way to the supermarket. Additionally, using meal kits means her mom and grandma are introduced to new foods they wouldn’t be able to get at their local store. “They live in an area where [meal] delivery takes an extra day, but still shows up fresh,” she said.

Jake Minigiello, Chef, says that meal kits can help older adults to experience new, and often more affordable, cooking techniques. “It’s good how they just send you the exact amount of ingredients you need for a recipe to cut that waste out,” Minigiello said.

While meal kits might reduce waste food, they also require the transportation and packaging of meals. has been the subject of criticism.These kits are expensive and can prove to be prohibitive for some shoppers. While delivery makes food more readily available, the high price points mean it’s only really available to those who can afford it. (It’s also import to note that Amazon Fresh, Top Box Hungry Harvest, All listed below accept EBT/SNAP.

You might also be interested in the people behind food delivery and meal kits. how those employees are treated. If worker’s rights are important to you as a consumer, find a brand that works for your kitchen and your ethics.

“Of course, a local, subsidized, sustainable alternative would be amazing, but let’s be real ― if that existed, it definitely wouldn’t exist [in rural areas] for all the old people,” Guercio said. “You can hardly even get Grubhub out there.”

If you’re looking to get a loved one started on a meal kit or trying to find the perfect one for yourself, we’ve rounded up the best meal kits for smaller portioned food and dietary restrictions.

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Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon, for name recognition and more “meat and potatoes”-type meals
It works well for seniors:Ellis says that trusting in a new source of food can prove difficult for someone who is homebound or accustomed to a certain routine. For something that feels a little more familiar, the Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon kit has a name they recognize and recipes they’ve likely had before. They offer international food and Instagram-worthy smoothie bowls, but they also provide comforting traditionals such as pork tenderloin, parsnips, and cheese ravioli.

Here’s how it worksYou will receive an email 10 days prior to the delivery of your food. It tells you how to select from 40 weekly meals. Each week you can choose up to six meals. The portions are either for one person or four people. The more you order the meals, the less each one will cost. An order can be cancelled or skipped up to five business days prior to its delivery. Additionally, you can prepare meals up seven weeks ahead of time. Delivery is available to all contiguous states of the United States, however you can choose not to receive your order. check your zip codeBefore placing an order.

What is the price?The shipping cost is $8.99 Meals for two people range in price from $9.49 to $8.99, depending on how often you receive them.

Check out Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon.

For more food, eat dinnerly.
It works well for seniors:Ruhs explained that nutrients such as vitamin B12, B12 and calcium are less well absorbed by our bodies with age. It’s important for older people to eat healthy, consistent meals. You must receive three meals per week for Dinnerly. This will ensure that you and your loved ones have enough food in their home. The subscription provides ingredients to at least six meals for those who are more stubborn or may not be able to request help. Dinnerly is also more environmentally friendly than other options, and will not fill your house with garbage.

Here’s how it worksYou can log on after creating an account to pick your recipes. You have many options, including no-meat, no-dairy, low-carb and dairy-free options, as well as easy-to-cook meals like “under 30 mins” or “one pot”. Dinnerly is digital and does not use a flyer, unlike other kit kits. Therefore it is important that you have a basic understanding of how a smartphone works.

What is the price?The shipping cost is $8.99, and the price for two portions of meals ranges from $5.59 to $6.89.

Check out Dinnerly.

Hungry Harvest is a place to find discounted produce as well as SNAP/EBT customers
This is why it works for senior citizensRuhs shares that older people may not get enough vegetables. Hungry Harvest, a subscription box for produce that takes SNAP/EBT, comes in different sizes. The “mini-harvest”, which is for those living alone, includes one variety of greens, three vegetables, and two to three pieces of fruit. It can be set up every two weeks to make sure there is fresh produce throughout the home.

It worksHungry Harvest currently delivers only in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Greater Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey, Northern Delaware, South Florida, South Florida, and the Triangle and Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as the Detroit metropolitan area. Choose the harvest size you prefer and receive weekly or biweekly delivery.

What is the price?A mini harvest costs $15 for a box and $3.49 shipping. All orders above $29.99 qualify for free shipping

Check out Hungry Harvest.

Purple Carrot: Pre-made pre-made meals that are packed with vegetables to reduce LDL cholesterol.
It works well for seniors: Ruhs points out that older people are more likely to lack sufficient vegetables. Purple Carrot’s all-plant meal kit includes pre-made meals as well as ingredients you can make. It can be used in the microwave, or you can cook your favorite recipe (most recipes only require six steps).

Here’s how it worksThe first thing you need to do is choose from prepared or meal kit options. You can choose how many meals you would like (three to four), and the number of portions (two, four or four). Prepared meals can be purchased in one-serving portions and are available for six, eight, or ten per week. There are options like high-protein, gluten-free, “easy” meals or “Chef’s Choice” meals, where you don’t choose. If you wish to skip a delivery please notify the website by 11:59 p.m. ET on Tuesdays

What is the price?Meal kits cost $9.99 to $11.99 depending on the frequency of delivery. Pre-prepared meals cost $12.99 per meal, regardless of how often they are delivered.

Check out Purple Carrot.

For maximum convenience, Amazon Fresh is eligible for SNAP.
It works well for seniors:They may already be familiar with Amazon and have the ability to order from it. Amazon Fresh allows you to easily send your groceries to others. You can stock your fridge in a few clicks

Here’s how it worksAmazon Fresh is available in almost all of the United States, however you should verify the address. You can then browse the site and order what you want. Most orders are shipped the same day or next day. You can use your SNAP/EBT to order Amazon Fresh from the SNAP-eligible webpage.

What is the price?Every item in the store is priced individually, much like in grocery stores. Even if your Amazon Prime membership is not current, you can get delivery free of charge when using SNAP/EBT.

Check out SNAP-Eligible Amazon Fresh.

Hungry root, real food that looks and feels like grocery shopping
It works well for seniors: Ellis said that grocery delivery helps to ensure safety, and reduces the risk of illness or injury that could result from shopping at the markets. Hungry Root might be the right choice for you if you aren’t convinced by the futuristic “Jetsons-eqsue” feel meal kit kits have. Hungry Root, a subscription-based grocery service, sends you actual groceries as well as access to recipes. You receive the packages as though someone took you to the market and delivered it to your home. The products and recipes are more familiar and correspond to what you already have. This allows you to decide how to prepare the items.

Here’s how it works Upon signing up, you take a quiz to develop your grocery plan. For fresh vegetables, select “fresh” and then “premium” proteins for meatballs. Select “ready to cook” for meals that are ready-to-eat and can be prepared in the microwave or on the stovetop. Each week Hungry Root sends you suggestions of foods you might like and recipe ideas you can use with your grocery store.

What is the price?Plan prices start at $65 but can be customized to your specifications.

Check out Hungry Root.

Sunbasket is a single-serving option for dietary restrictions. It offers many options for three meals and snacks.
It works well for seniors:Sunbasket provides a wide range of products to suit different diets, including “carb conscious” or “diabetes-friendly”. You can choose from ready-to-eat meals or premade meal plans that take 15 to 45 minutes. Sunbasket offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options, including yogurt, granola, protein bars, juices and red sauce.

Here’s how it worksDecide whether you would like prepared meals or meal packs. Next, select your diet preferences and restrictions like “low sodium” (or “avoid lamb”) You’ll see different recipes each week and ready-made meals. Pick the item(s), then select the date of delivery.

What is the price? Shipment is free at $7.99 Meal kits are available in four or two servings, and can be used for up to five meals per week. They cost between $11.49 and $14.49, depending on the frequency.

Check out Sunbasket.

Green Chef offers protein-packed and highly customizable meals.
It works well for seniors:Ruhs explained that it is crucial to get enough protein to keep your muscles mass healthy. This will help you avoid falling and breaking bones. The Green Chef offers a variety of plant-based high-protein meals, including paleo, keto, and vegan options. Green Chef offers a variety of options, including gluten-free or grain-free as well as soy-free, legume-free and soy-free. This makes it easy for those who have dietary restrictions to still enjoy nutritious meals.

Here’s how it works Select the “type” of meal you want — “Keto/Paleo,” “balanced” (no diet restrictions) or “plant-powered” (vegan and vegetarian options) — then choose if you want two, four or six portions and if you want three or four meals a week.

What is the price?The shipping cost is $9.99 Depending on the frequency, a two-portion meal costs between $11.49 and $11.99.

Check out Green Chef.

Top Box Foods for personal deliveries and EBT/SNAP customers
It works well for seniors:Top Box Foods is a community-driven food resource that provides food staples as well as food boxes with recipes. It is community-run and partners with schools, churches, communities, housing units, and community organizations. You’ll get to know the delivery person and it’s less transactional than traditional meal kit deliveries.

Here’s how it worksTop Box Foods now delivers food in Illinois, Georgia and Louisiana. Your order must be placed before the specified date every month to receive your groceries approximately four days after that. You can select whether you need pantry staples such as milk and oatmeal, or to create a meal using a pre-made box. You can also find a variety of recipes that will help you choose your grocery list.

What is the price?Take Box Foods is an EBT/SNAP provider. Delivery fees are not charged. Boxes are available in a range of prices, ranging from $9 to $23 depending on your selection. Each item is priced separately.

Check out Top Box Foods.

EveryPlate, easy to prepare and make less decisions
It works well for seniors:EveryPlate offers fewer options per week, which means that you can relax and eat more. EveryPlate has six easy steps and takes less than thirty minutes to make. This is a simpler kit, which doesn’t require 45 minutes to zest every dish.

Here’s how it worksChoose your preferred meal type, including “classic” or full-display recipes, “veggie”, (vegetarian dishes), “family” and “easy” which are all under 30 minutes. Next, you can choose how many meals per week you would like and when you’d like them delivered. Online cancellations and postponements are possible at any moment. Order “protein packs”, which include chicken breasts or other cuts of meat, online. There are three minimum meals per week.

What is the price?It’s approximately $4.99-$5.49 per two-portion dinner, depending on how many meals are consumed per week.

Check out EveryPlate.


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