SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Three members of the K-pop superstar group BTS have been infected with the coronavirus after returning from abroad, their management agency said.

According to the Big Hit Music Agency, Jin and RM both were confirmed with COVID-19. Suga, another member of the Big Hit Music agency, was also positive.

According to the agency, all three received their second shots in August.

BTS is seven-member boyband. J-Hope and Jungkook are the other four members. V is Jimin.

The agency stated that RM had not displayed any particular symptoms. Jin, however, is experiencing mild symptoms such as light fever. Jin will be receiving home-based self-treatment. The agency said Friday that Suga wasn’t exhibiting symptoms and was administering self-care at home in accordance with the guidelines of the health authorities.

RM was positive for the virus after he returned from the United States earlier, according to his schedule. However, RM was eventually diagnosed with the disease before he could be released from self-quarantine.

After returning to South Korea this month, Jin underwent PCR tests twice — upon arrival and later before his release from self-quarantine — and tested negative both times. The agency stated that Jin had symptoms resembling flu on Saturday, and then took another PRC test which came back positive. According to media reports, he traveled also to the U.S.

Suga, who has had a number of personal engagements in the United States during the band’s official time off, was diagnosed with COVID-19 during quarantine after returning from the U.S., the agency said.

The agency said it’ll continue to provide support for the three members for their speedy recovery. The agency said that it would comply with all requests from the South Korean authorities regarding health.

BTS’ self-produced music has earned them worldwide recognition. They also have activism that includes a speech to the United Nations, and calling out anti-Asian racism. They topped Billboard Hot 100 three times in 2020. The group was also nominated and honored with prominent music awards, such as the Billboard Music Awards and MTV Video Music Awards.


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