Tom Holland struck gold when he was cast as Spider-Man, but let’s say his “Peter Tingle” needs some work when it comes to choosing roles of the non-superhero variety.

After a string of recent missteps with projects like “Chaos Walking,” “Cherry” and “The Devil All the Time,” Holland has found himself at home with another action-heavy franchise in which he’s once again sent on a globe-trotting adventure under the tutelage of a quasi-father figure.

Do you sound familiar? Well, this time around he’s playing the wisecracking treasure-seeker Nathan Drake in the film adaptation of the massively popular video game series “Uncharted” ― think the physics-defying action of “Tomb Raider” with a dash of Indiana Jones for the uninitiated.

A trailer has arrived for the long-awaited project. The trailer shows a younger Drake arriving in the game and going on the search for a hidden bounty.

Joining him is Mark Wahlberg as fellow treasure hunter and mentor Sully ― notably missing the character’s famous mustache ― who was once attached to play Holland’s part before aging out of the role and rejoining the cast back in 2019. The two join forces to pursue “the greatest treasure never found,” which puts them in the crosshairs of a shadowy organization led by Antonio Banderas.

While the action takes place before gamers button-smashed their way through various exotic locales, a handful of moments from the trailer are lifted directly from iconic “Uncharted” set pieces, including the clip’s final seconds that show Holland hanging precariously from a cargo plane.

The cast for the film, which is set to open in theaters Feb. 18, also includes “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” alum Tati Gabrielle as Braddock and “Truth or Dare” star Sophia Ali as Chloe Frazer.

The video game has been spawned many sequels and spinoffs by Naughty Dog. Naturally, there are lots of people who have opinions on the trailer. Many also note some similarities to Spidey.


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