Rapper Travis Scott said Monday he’ll cover the funeral costs of the eight people who died in the crowd Friday night during his performance at the Astroworld Festival in Houston.

Eight victims aged between 14 and 27 were among the 50,000 people who violently surged. Additional 25 people were also hospitalized including a 10-yearold boy. said to beCritical condition

Scott, who previously said he was “devastated” by what happened at the festival he planned, also has partnered with the therapy platform BetterHelp to offer a month of free therapyAstroworld attendees

Those in the crowd described a highly traumatizing event where people were packed so tightly they couldn’t breathe and pleas for help went unheeded

“This was not a concert, this was a fight for survival,” concertgoer Jeffrey Schmidt told CNN.

“I witnessed multiple people unconscious and unable to breathe, as people under me were crying for my help. However, I was physically unable to help. That is what traumatized me the most, that I could not help the people around me,” he said.

The attendees have already started filing lawsuits against Scott and the event’s organizer, Live Nation, for failing to provide adequate safeguards.

The show wasn’t halted until at least 30 minutes after emergency responders declared a “mass casualty” incident. Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña said some of the blame undoubtedly falls on Scott for failing to react.

“The one person who can really call for and get a tactical pause when something goes wrong is that performer,” Peña told The New York Times. “They have that bully pulpit and they have a responsibility.”

Source: HuffPost.com.

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