WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who voted to convict Donald TrumpFriday was his second impeachment trial. He has been in constant contact with former President, and she announced that she would run for reelection.

Trump, who has devoted his political energies to punishing his political foes, supported Murkowski’s main opponent in June. Kelly Tshibaka was commissioner of Alaska’s Department of Administration before resigning to run for the Senate. The Alaska Republican State Central Committee was established in July. endorsed Tshibaka after Murkowski’s impeachment vote.

“My heart is, and always has been, in Alaska, and that’s why I am proud to announce my campaign for reelection to the US Senate in 2022,” Murkowski said in a statement. Murkowski stressed that Alaska and its workers have always been her first priority.

As Trump seeks to bring down Murkowski, the national attention will focus on Murkowski’s reelection campaign. Trump has an extensive political record in this state. Frank Murkowski, her father was an American senator and former governor.

Murkowski was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 2002 by her father. She selected Murkowski as his successor after he had been elected governor. Since 1981, A Murkowski represents Alaska in the U.S. Senate.

Before, she has been a rebel against the Republican Party. Murkowski lost the GOP primary in 2010, but won the general election after a writein campaign against a Republican candidate.

Murkowski was often considered an independent-minded, moderate Republican senator. However, she voted to convict Trump of one charge, that of inciting to insurrection. This was related to the Jan. 6, riot at U.S. Capitol. Her reelection is her only chance.

Murkowski was censuredThe Alaska Republican Party in March for her vote during Trump’s second impeachment hearing. However, the National Republican Senatorial Committee chose Murkowski to support it and placed its faith in a resilient incumbent.

Tshibaka has tried to take advantage of Trump’s popularity in the state, getting backing from his allies and voicing Trump positions, including promotion of his false theories of voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Source: HuffPost.com.

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