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You are ready to enjoy some fantastic Black Friday Deals Walmart? You will find everything you need, from toys and electronics to vacuums, at their store. You can also visit their website. Black Friday EventSo you can begin saving money now.

A Shark cordless vacuum is 43% off! You won’t be disappointed by its power suction and convenience. This deal is also available to those over 30.
Review: “Love it!! “I have it for about a month now, and the quality of this product is incredible! Three children and two dogs are my household. They shed quite a lot and I have large area rugs. It picks up amazing things!!After supper, I vacuum my house every night.” —Mandy

Price:$159Available in two colours (originally $279)

A Lego set is 50% off for your little builders. The set comes complete with more than 1500 pieces, and you can create 10 animal scenes. The set is great for young children. For children 4 and over
Review:These are a great gift for my daughter. You get tons of presorted pieces and excellent instructions. “She is currently working to create an animal sanctuary. It will include penguins, parrots and unicorns. —Melissa

Price:$29 (originally $58)

A robot vacuum is 58% cheaper than if you do it yourself. You can control the areas that you do not want, empty itself and even mop. The gadget is amazing.
Review: “Easy setup. Amazing technology. I highly recommend this product. It works well on any surface. You can keep the bulky vacuum in your closet. This is a huge relief. This is essential if you own a dog or cat. —Robert

Price:$249 (originally $599)

Get 50% off your play kitchen, so your kiddo will be able to learn and cook for the first time. Your child will also receive a 30-piece meal set.
Review:This play kitchen was a huge hit with my children! It was easy to follow and each item had a number. This kitchen is a great choice for anyone looking for something for their small children. —Shelly

Price:$99 (originally $199.99)

Take 35% off your Samsung Chromebook for kids entering college. The battery lasts for over 12 hours so that they are able to use it in back-to-back classes. It also has 4 GB memory, so that they have enough space to store all their endless assignments and not worry about losing them.
Review:Perfect for grandkids. It’s a lot more than what I had expected. This small Chromebook is my favorite. I should’ve gotten two” —Priscilla

Price:$129.99 (originally $199.99)

Get 51% off your Cricut bundle to get creative for the holidays. The Cricut bundle is a crafter’s paradise at an affordable price. There are many options for vinyl cutting, including T-shirts and mugs as well ornaments.
Cricut Maker comes with a Cricut Maker knife, a drive housing and a 12×12 mat grip. There is also a 20ct supply of premium essential vinyl.

Review:This machine can do it all. It can cut vinyl, card stock and freezer paper. It has made many items, including Christmas ornaments and t-shirts. I also created custom name mats for my doors. It’s hard to stop creating! —Sarasuadi

Price:$239 (originally $493.96)

Enjoy a Classic Game of Jenga at 45%. Every family enjoys a bit of friendly competition, on top of all the holiday drama. Jenga is a great game for really anyone above the age of six, and makes *you* feel like a kid again sometimes, too.
Review:It’s a great tool for learning balance and concentration. It’s a great family game, and teaches balance and concentration. You’ll love it! This is a wonderful way to gather the kids. —Torn

Price:$7 (originally $12.88)

Take 61% off your WiFi projector for fun movie nights!
Review:“I wanted a cheap projector for my grandchildren and outdoor movies with the family. The projector I have been using for 20 years is old, cumbersome to setup and difficult to locate the correct bulbs. We are not good at these things. To show you what it looks like, I uploaded a YouTube video. It was 16 x 8 feet. The projector is lit by motion lamps and street lamps. —Caro

lPrice:$156.99 (originally $399.99)

Get 40% Off a FitBit versa 2 Smartwatch. A device that reminds you to do more than just look at the screen is a great thing!
Review:I love the Fitbit Inspire 2 Versa 2! It was easy to set up, it works well, and the packaging is perfect. —Rita

Price:$118.99Original price $199.95, available in 2 colors

Enjoy 31% savings on a camping set, so that you can go on all your adventures for 2022. The 22-piece camping set includes everything you need to make your next outdoor adventure unforgettable.
The set contains a tent for four people, eight stakes and two chairs. It also includes two tents with two tents.

Review:This product was beyond my expectations. Although it is cheap, there are some issues. The pillows are too small (not even useful) and the foam paddings are thin. The chairs were great. They are very sturdy. This tent is amazing. We are big campers, and our tent had to be able to withstand all kinds of weather. It was very affordable and I didn’t know what to expect. However, it turned out great! We slept in the tent for several nights, even though it poured heavily. Bugs were not able to get into the tent. This is because you quickly close the doors. The tent set was great for the money. This tent set is highly recommended. —Lauren

Price:$115 (originally $169)

A sleek and modern TV stand, 20% discount. This piece can be paired with almost anything. This item is essential for every living area. This piece will make it easy to organize your entertainment area.
Review:This TV stand is my obsession. It is sleek and modern. The assembly was simple. The interior is beautiful and holds a lot. It was delivered quickly. It’s great quality.” — powpowchicken13

Price:$229.99(originally $289.99; available in 4 colors

Take 34% off your BuzzFeed Tasty muffin gadget to get you ready for The Great British Baking Off debut!
Kit includes 1.5 qt. Mixing bowl, silicone whisk and silicone spatula are included. Six silicone baking cups can be used. A frosting syringe is also provided with four tips.

Price:$16.44 (originally $24.99)

Take 36% off your three-pack security camera bundle to feel protected and safe in your home during the holiday season. Keep tabs on your property from your phone — these cameras are also great for the tech-savvy person in your life.
Review: “These camera are the best investment easy to install and picture is so clear” —beatrice

Price:$345.91 (originally $543.99)

Take 38% off your Contixo 7 Inch Kids Tablet! Keep the kids entertained and happy for long road trips.
Review:This was purchased for our three-year old and nearly 2-year-old kids. It is loved by them. The educational apps included with the tablet are a hit! Our kids will love it! It keeps them busy and is very cost-effective for them both. You can no longer take your mom or dad’s mobile phone away from them! Lol” —Damaris

Price:$67.99Original price $109.99. Available in 3 colors

Take 20% off your 3-in-1 car-seat that can last you for a lifetime.
Review:True3fit’s slimmer than the Graco 4ever & Graco Milestone is amazing! The True3fit is also half their weight. I can carry it easily with just one hand, rather than two like the other. My child doesn’t like the additional padding that the 4-ever included. I believe there is enough padding to support this seat. It is convenient that you can remove the cup holders. You can easily get your baby into and out the car seat using the strap holders to the sides. True3fit is easy to use and maneuver. My vehicle has 3 rows of seating so I had to look for a smaller car seat that could be positioned in the middle. Although the carseat looks small, my 6-year-old sat in it perfectly. It’s a great seat! It fits with my family and our needs” —perfectangels2

Price:$189 (originally $239)

Save 60% on a four-cup stainless steel water container. Ideal for backpacking, hiking or any other activity that calls for quick hydration.
Review:The item came in a much larger size than we expected. It holds four liters and comes with cups. It will be used for outdoor trips and camping. Excellent value for the money. —GTampa

Price:$30Original price $80, available in 2 colors

Mini indoor gardens for urban homies at 58%
Price:$69.99 (originally $169.99)
A rowing machine discounted 50% so that you can do your work from home and not pay a high price.
Review:I love rowing! The rower is simple to set up and transport to your desired location. It is very easy to use and doesn’t sound too loud. This app allows you to coach yourself with iFit. This app really motivates you to achieve better results every single time. —Janet

Price:$497 (originally $999)

A 39-piece BBQ accessories set is 70% off! This set has everything in it for your master chef and is a totally *hot* deal!
Review: “I got these like 10 days ago and just got to use them over the weekend, they have everything you can think of for a barbecue, even the oil dispenser and salt and pepper shakers … were easy to clean up, and their bag is easy to roll up and store. I am happy with the purchase. —CarSho

Price:$38.99 (originally $129.99)

If you are looking to relax and unwind in an outdoor paradise, a double hammock combination is 42% lower than the regular price
Review:This hammock feels sturdy and high quality. You can adjust the hooks to move the hammock so that it doesn’t scrape the ground. It’s nice to have the carry case. —Ben

Price:$85.97Original price $149.97, available in 3 patterns

A set of laser tag vests and blasters that provide hours of fun for the whole family is 20% off This set is perfect for four individuals and the blasters have a 130 range, these are seriously a *blast!*
Review:The kids aren’t stopping with this. The kids run through the house zipping and zapping their friends. There was a lot of noise and hollering, as well as a general wild commotion. You would think the batteries would have died by now. but no luck. We’ve had a lot of fun and we all took part. Highly recommended. We can’t wait until spring!” —henrietta

Price:$79.97Available in two colours (originally $99.99)

A small, outdoor firepit that can be used in conjunction with the hammock above is 33% Off
Review:We have both a porch as well as a deck, and we wanted fire pits on them all. We needed one that was smaller to fit our deck. This is the perfect size for our deck and it is a fantastic price. The assembly was easy. You can put it together in 10 minutes. Although the wrench is provided, I recommend using a pair or wrench. It has been used a lot for marshmallow roasting and a heat source during the winter, and it has performed well. You can still see the original beauty after rinsing it. —Holls1985

Price:$93.19 (originally $139.78)

This drone is 28%, which makes it the ideal gift for the teenager in your life. Although they are often the hardest gift to purchase, they can be very easy to find.
Review:This is one of my favorite toy drones. As a parent to several kids, it has become a tradition for one of them to get a drone someday as a gift. All of the drones have been practiced by me! This was my grandson, who is 14 years old. The lift was quick and easy. It was easy to maneuver, the camera works well, voice control works well, it lasts a good amount of time and best of all, there’s an extra battery. This product is highly recommended for all ages. —Michelle

Price:$79.99 (originally $119.99)

Get 47% Discount on a Pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds. So you can jam with your soulful self to some great tunes.
Review:The buds sound normal, however when I activated dolby atmos on my S21 Ultra they made a huge difference in quality. They sound great. I bought them from Samsung’s website at the original MSRP a while back and they are very clear and deep. —B4U

Price:$79 (originally $149.99)


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